Gjusta - Venice

It’s amazing how Gjusta turns into a completely different restaurant at gdinner time. It is so much more relaxed than the madhouse that is breakfast and lunch. You can park in the parking lot, there are seats at the bar, you can actually find a seat on the patio, and the hamster density is considerably lower.

Plus, not only is the full lunch menu available you also get to order from the short but tasty dinner menu. Pro-tip: ask for some bread and olive oil while you wait.

tagliatelle - bottarga, white wine, chili flakes, parmesan and bread crumbs
This wasn’t bad, the tagliatelle was thick with a little chew, but I didn’t get much flavor from the bottarga.


buttermilk fried chicken - sage-honey, fresno chili
Wow, where has this been all my gjusta life? This was fantastic, crispy skin, super juicy and tender dark and white meat, and it wasn’t a salt bomb like some of the chicken @Chowseeker1999 has eaten. It came with this chili-honey sauce that was perfectly balanced and some kind of tzatziki/ranch sauce. Must order.


braised Santa Barbara mussels - fennel tomato broth and aioli crostini
Perfectly cooked mussels, and broth was great to sop up with the bread. It just could have used a little more garlic.



Paris brest

Another visit

seabass with white wine and capers
Super simple dish executed flawlessly, crispy skin, flaky meat, and a nice creamy white wine sauce.

pan seared octopus with aioli and grilled lemon
Great char and super tender. I didn’t really need all the aioli

Sadly the awesome fried chicken is no longer on the menu.
Watching my carbs

Beer Battered Fish & Chips - wild ling cod, remoulade, malt vinegar, grilled lemon
This was nice, crispy crunchy crust, and moist and tender fish. But it didn’t really wow me like the fried chicken.

Grilled Octopus - smoked paprika, hummus
Very tender, I wish the outside was a little more charred and crisped.

Rotisserie chicken - tzatziki, harissa & chimichurri
If you can’t get the fried chicken this is probably your next best bet. Delicious moist and juicy chicken.

Pastéis de nata
This wasn’t bad, the crust was more of a thin crispy shell than a flaky puff pastry.

Tres leches cake
Loved the meringue on top.

I’m curious what all the gjusta gjunkies out there leave for a tip? 5%? 10%? 15%? more? Not sure I can gjustify more than 10%.

Ps fried chicken watch still in effect

chopped liver on toast - chopped chicken liver, caramelized onion, roasted apple, chives on baguette
This was new to me and it was great, the liver was nice and chunky with a nice sweetness from the onions.


aspen ridge prime fuckin rib butcher with extra horseradish

herbed chicken with tzatziki, harissa & chimichurri


had a perfect, relaxed gjusta gdinner out on the patio the other night. i parked in the parking lot, walked up to the counter, ordered, and found a seat outside all in under 10 minutes. next time i’ll have to try the ny steak frites au poivre i saw people eating, it looked pretty great, and the white corn agnolotti with dungeness crab.

foie gras terrine, kumquat marmalade, garlic crostini
smooth, liver butter, so rich that it can run as a republican candidate for president.


pan seared sand dabs, bloomsdale spinach, white wine, capers, lemon, parsley
i love eating sand dabs up north and this was perfectly cooked, so simple and delicious with basically a grenobloise sauce. travis really knows his fish. where else can i get fresh sand dabs in socal?


buttermilk fried chicken, pickles
aaaand it’s back, paging @Chowseeker1999, @Bigmouth, @TheCookie. Crispy, juicy and goes great with the chili honey dipping sauce.



fish case


(new) fried squash blossoms, herbed ricotta, cherry tomato, summer squash
perfectly fried squash blossoms


pork & beef meatballs, burrata, parmesan, ciabatta
If you haven’t had the currently off the menu meatball sandwich yet, this is the next best thing. Chef Travis’ balls are meaty, moist and mouthwatering.



tomato confit & burrata toast, ciabatta, wild oregano
Wow, this was fucking fantastic. Served cold, the burrata was so milky and creamy it’ll bring all the boys to the yard, damn right. The tomatoes were rich, sweet and meaty. It was kind of like eating a fluffy cold cheese pizza, but a hundred times better. there’s also a sandwich version of this with prosciutto that i’ll be trying next time.

gusta 20180804_175224

grilled sardines, romesco, herbs
meh, tasted like overcooked canned sardines. pass.


creme caramel
i guess i’ll gjust never learn to always get the carrot cake for dessert. this was okay, way too dense.


sunchoke salad


the new avocado toast


baguette, tomato confit, burrata, prosciutto
damn one of my new favorite sandwiches. they stopped doing the tomato confit and burrata toast but this is just as good and you can add prosciutto.


charmoulah baked egg, pomodoro sauce, red charmoulah, cream, parsley, two eggs
pretty much a gjusta’s version of a shakshouka. spicy and delicious.



320 Sunset Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90291
(310) 314-0320


Great report, and nice to start a thread for dinner. I’ve had a few of their dinner specials; my favorite was stuffed cabbage rolls (!). The sauce wasn’t overly sweet, as with most places that serve this.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Darn it! When did we schedule a FTC Gjusta Club Dinner?! :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:

Nice report. :slight_smile: Seriously, Gjusta is so ridiculous in how many things they can get right (across so many food groups). These dinner dishes seem amazing.

Is the Fried Chicken offered every night? I must have this. Thanks!


The fried chicken came with watermelon?? :thinking:

The fried chicken is on their printed menu so i think it would be offered every night, but let’s keep this to ourselves, don’t want the hamster lunch crowd to catch on.

They also have grilled skirt steak frites and peads & barrnet grilled pork chop for gdinner.


If the steak frites and pork chop are anything like the versions that make periodic appearances on the menu at Gjelina, Gjusta Gdinner guests are in for a treat.

I wonder where things stand w/r/t Gjusta getting a beer & wine license.


I am SO with you on this. Evening is the only time I go there anymore. It’s chill even on weekends – and the traffic is better then too.

Whoah whoah whoah, stop the clock!

I actually await this day with dread, as I suspect it will mean the end of super chill dinners there.


I agree. It will ruin lunch, also. Biodynamic wine and craft beer people already have Gjelina

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I hear you both. I’m not necessarily looking forward to their getting a license. Just wondering where it stands.

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Six weeks ago, it was, “probably a couple of weeks away.” The person I spoke with was working in tortoise years.


No pics but had a lovely 3-salad gdinner tonight. Their wonderful okra and tomato salad, a barley salad with dates and walnuts, and their insanely great potato salad. All this and a nice piece of bread was $13.50 and totally worth it.


One of my all-time favorite salads there. They really do some remarkable things with okra.

Yeah I have never had Okra taste that good.

Also, pretty amazing is over at Gjelina take-away, which used to be my favorite place to get the 3-salad combo, the prices have totally skyrocketed. It is $26 for a 3-salad combo. It is literally half the price at gjusta, and the selection is actually better. I guess that’s what you get with AK rent…

$26? How can that be? I mean I know it’s expensive but that still seems like a mistake. Yikes.

That’s what I thought. But no, it is not a mistake. I told them if that’s the price I can’t imagine ever coming back for it. They didn’t care. I’ve had others tell me the same thing recently–the price really is now $26.

Yep, I’ve noticed the prices going up – and quality declining. My beloved brisket banh mi and pork meatball sandwiches don’t taste the same anymore.

Still some of the best pizza by the slice in LA, though.

so dope

that’s my only contribution

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YES. Experienced the sticker shock a few weeks back, and while the salads were good, they weren’t THAT good, especially when you’re hovering over a counter to eat them. :sweat:

Goddamn, y’all, that fried chicken is LEGIT!

My friend and I split an order of chicken, plus an Italian combo, Jerusalem artichoke salad, and carrot cake for dessert.

Everything was great but the fried chicken was exceptional. Tender meat and breading that managed to be crisp and moist at the same time – no shatter batter here. I’m guessing it was pan fried. Oh, and perfectly seasoned – savory without being a salt bomb like @PorkyBelly said.

I have only two criticisms. First, at $22 for half a chicken, this was a little pricey. Second, there was a lot of blood from the bones. This was purely cosmetic – the meat itself was fully cooked – but still kind of gross. Not a deal breaker for me, though. Not when the chicken itself is so good.

One last thing: I asked if the fried chicken was a permanent addition to the menu and was told it’s just a special for summer. So get this while you can!