Glacier / Whitefish / Columbia Falls / Kalispell

Ranked best to worst

Abruzzo: mediocre Italian in a cosmopolitan setting. Maybe the best you can do, but Herb and Omni (which we didn’t try) is worth a look.

Tupelo Grille: mediocre Southern-inspired food in a cosmopolitan setting. Same owner as Abruzzo but reputed to be changing owners.

Jalisco Cantina: what you’d expect a restaurant called “Jalisco Cantina” in a Montana tourist town to taste like.

Montana Coffee Traders. Their homemade bars were the best things I ate on the trip. Their Thai curry and Thai peanut wrap sucked.

Ranger Joe’s Pizza. Don’t be fooled by the Yelp reviews or the menu’s reference to Frank Pepe’s. This pizza is trash.

On the positive side, decent coffee was easy to come by.