Glendora Public Market

Very nice food hall. Good options and only 10 minute drive from Donut Man. 2 outdoor seating areas well spaced. Not too crowded and lots of parking despite what I read on Yelp.

Beer only available from Smog City but they have a good variety between pilsners, IPA, stouts and sours. You could do worse.

Food options aren’t plentiful but the places we tried were very good.

Bushi by Jinya ramen. Combo with ramen, karage and roll for $20. The soft boiled egg was absolutely perfect. Medium spicy Bushi red soul was actually spicy. Karage well fried and crispy. Son loved the spicy tuna roll. Forgot pics.

Taco man was lovely. All 4 items were delicious. Each element was well made from the meats, salsas and tortillas. I like that the tortillas were not doubled up. Could they use any smaller plates? The tacodilla with carne asada was a tortilla topped wtih meat, onion, cilantro and a heaping scoop of cheese. The gringa was a quesadilla with al pastor and pineapple. Tacos were better than expected.

My kid wanted the buffalo garlic parm boneless wings. They were fine but my kid is the worst orderer on the planet. We always end up eating her food once she realizes what I ordered is way better.


What? You didn’t have the pineapple bun fried chicken sandwich at Bolo? Totally decadent.

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I knew I’d regret it but we will be back soon. Had too many fried chicken items that my kids wanted.


Will probably drop by tomorrow.

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