Go Get Em Tiger Opens in Los Feliz With Steak, Pastries and That Famous Latte (new Kevin review)


Nice. His writing style seems to be evolving. As I read his articles, I have to keep reminding myself that this is F-ity-F kevin f-ing penning these f-ing pieces. It’s been almost a year since he decided to take a hiatus. Well @kevin, break’s over you fucker. Drop by and at least say hi - and that ain’t no joke!

Love this spot and the whole G&B/GGET gang. Service has always been top-notch. Ria had an amazing pop-up inside Atwater Village’s Canele… that place was the only reason I’d go into work for a while, ha.

You should get the chorizo hash. The chorizo is made in-house and it is A++. Layered with some nice charred veggies, smoky potatoes and topped w/ that egg. So filling, so good.

Chorizo Hash, via my Twitter

The pies and cookies are also great. I’ve mentioned this in another thread, but GGET/G&B has one of the best chocolate chip cookies in LA right now.

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Probably not the best thread to put this, but signage up for GGET in Santa Monica across from Art’s Table on Montana.

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