Going anywhere on Mother's Day?

It’s happening soon! Thoughts? Suggestions? Plans?

Perhaps I can steal it from my fellow FTCers.

Mom’s house.


Excellent. Please let us know where, and we will all be there. :grin:


Reviving this for this weekend…
I keep getting asked where I want to go, but I can’t decide if I want to stay local or venture out for an adventure.
The last couple of years, we’ve stayed in due to other commitments.

Venture out this year for a change and report back :wink:


It will all depend on how I feel. It’s usually the crowds and fancified menus that scare me off on major holidays.
It’s too late to make a reservation for more acclaimed establishments, so we’ll probably end up at one of the smaller joints we frequent.


Beat the crowd at Tokyo Fried Chicken by going there before they open at 5:30PM and bang bang at Big Softie next door for their soft serve before a final bang at Sweet Honey Dessert close by for their souffle pancake.

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Is that where everyone’s Japanese soufflé pancake photos are coming from? I thought it was the joint in Buena Park.

That’s where I got mine. It’s great.

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My wife specifically asked for steak and cheesy scalloped potatoes. I was planning on eating at home but anybody know a place which has both of these that we can snag a last minute reservation preferably in the OC. Otherwise I’ll probably get a nice dry aged steak from Bristol or WF and cook at home.

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The Ranch

Mother’s Day is for those children who fail to appreciate their mothers the rest of the 364 days of year (or 365 if leap year).

Don’t be that child.

I offered to take her to Majordomo but got declined.

@ipsedixit I did. I just asked if she wants to go now and she said no.

Just pulling your leg.

I have no doubt you’re a great son.

I have another resy there for Saturday just in case she changes her mind later but it probably won’t happen.:sweat_smile:

Are you cooking?

LA Times Food Bowl BBQ at Grand Park. I will report back!


Me too!!! Couldn’t pass up an opportunity eat more of Aaron Franklin’s BBQ.


Me too, much less than a trip to Austin!

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