Going to Temecula for a Fun Weekend

Yes, I know there was a reason places in Portland were already booked up for this weekend by the time I got around to trying to find a place for wine tasting, so keep your snarky comments to a minimum please :slight_smile: Anyway, I’m not an oenophile but I do love a good meal. Any suggestions for places that aren’t chains? We like most cuisines–that I am aware of: Farm to Table, Thai, Chinese–yes, I know… many regions (I live in Pasadena), Italian, French, Japanese, Israeli, Greek, etc…AND sports bars–my hubby is not thrilled I picked this weekend. What do I know??? Not looking for French Laundry $$$$, just reliable quality. Also, IF there are any wineries you would recommend or absolutely stay away from, I would appreciate hearing. One of my BFFs already told me that anything in that region will taste like dirt. This might be an Thanks in Advance!

And the wine is quite pricey given the dirt taste.

Ballast Point is always a good atmosphere and good beer.

I’m not a fan of Temecula wines, either…4 trips out there and I have yet to find anything I like enough to want to bring home.
We’ve had luck with good meals at Public. It’s casual, but the food is pretty good. It’s in the downtown area close to the freeway.

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We like beer. Thanks for the rec

I looked PUBlic up on Yelp to see pictures. Looks like it is worth a try. Thanks!

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There are several good breweries on the North side of Temecula. 8 Bit and Black Market are good. Karl Strauss has a location there too.

For wineries I’d have no problem sending friends to Doffo or Palumbo.

If you like hazy IPA go to Electric Brewery in Murrieta. They are a small shop. I’ve never actually been to the brewery but their hazy IPA are top notch. They usually do can releases on Friday so grab some if you can. They are right up there with Monkish, Treehouse, Great Notion, Green Cheek, etc…

The one place within a ~2/3 hour drive of North OC we’ve never been to is Temecula. We’re going to give Temecula a shot even with some not glowing recommendations. The plan is a 2 night August stay at Pechanga so the kids can play by the pool one day and do wineries another day. We realize the wine will be a step below Paso. We’ve been to Paso a few times and going again Memorial Day weekend. Any other wineries we should add to the list?


Soro’s Mediterranean Grill
Eat Marketplace
Havana Kitchen
Crush & Brew (great tap list)

I’d add Palumbo and Doffo to your winery list (same as I posted above 3 1/2 years ago). And, if there’s time, Hart, Falkner and Thornton have been good for us over the years.

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Agree with all those. We like Lorenzi as well. Baron’s Market is good for picnic provisions.

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