Going to the griddle tomorrow for breakfast

They open at 8. I have to be in Santa Monica at 9:30. How early does the line start forming? If I get there at 7:50am would it be a long wait? I want to try some pancakes or waffles.


The line starts forming right after opening. Generally showing up at 8:00 is good enough. Plus there are doors at the front and the back of the restaurant, and they’re not always great about seating folks in an orderly fashion… so you might get aced out by someone sneaking in the back (or you might be sent around to the front if you get caught trying to come in the back). I’ve had annoying experiences once or twice where I was first or second in line, and got one of the last tables.

Don’t underestimate how absolutely fucking huge a standard order of pancakes is at the Griddle. Each order comfortably feeds about 4 adults, so factor that in. Also, nearly all of their breakfasts are diabetes inducingly sweet, so you’re not going to WANT as much as they’re going to give you. I generally take the kids about once a year, and that’s good enough for me.

Thank you so much.