Golden Road Brewery Sold to Anheuser-Busch

What the Anheuser-Busch purchase of L.A. craft beer darling Golden Road Brewing means to you

I love going to this cool place for a beer (or 5) and a giant pretzel (or 2). Really good selection of beers, lots of IPA’s if you are into them and a good food menu. Its right next to, within feet, of the RR tracks along San Fernando Road in Glendale and is a really cool place to hang out.

So sad, it prompted me to post this: Craft Brewers Being Bought Out By Multinational Conglomerates - #4 by TonyC

I thought it was interesting that GRB is the one that initiated the contact with InBev.

I had no idea they are opening a restaurant and production brewery in Anaheim and a pub at LAX.

They’re dead to me.


O C’mon,

the beer was piss. it might as well been hipster Bud. the only redeeming quality in the entire enterprise was the swimmer/brewer and the trains passing by. point the way IPA tastes nothing like an IPA. how did no one tear 'em a new hole earlier? cuz of LA love?

zilch tears shed. the brewpub itself has been shat since the parking sitch became horrendous.

I definitely care more about the pub than their line of beers especially the “IPAs” about which I wholeheartedly agree with you. But love the pub (I may like the pretzels and the trains more than the beer :smile: I guess that likely will be unaffected by the sale of GRB.

You are so right about that parking though! I have a tendency to go at non-peak hours but when that place is busy, forget about it.

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Just tell InBev to stay away from Noble Aleworks and Bruery. GRB is the definition of meh.


As a local(?), and a current frequent customer, when exactly is non-peak hours these days? I completely gave up as of '15. It used to be a necessary second stop right after an hour of zoo at opening time.

the food there never has been much good. i guess the sorta underdone pretzel is the best thing.
but it’s a fun place to take people and pleasant to hang out.
while not offended by their beers as some here, i usually end up drinking someone else’s beer there.

same at tony’s darts away. although the food might be a bit better there. sometimes the vegan stuff is a hoot
when you’re throwing down three or four while day drinking. it’s not as nice on a sunny day as the pub, though it does
remind you of your parent’s basement circa '74. plus, easier to park, although i don’t usually have all that much trouble at the pub.

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When I go, usually afternoons, 3-4 pm weekdays. Flexible work hours.

I have attempted to go there on a Saturday afternoon and gave up pretty quickly because of the parking. Maybe we should take the Metrolink and hop off it as it whisks by!!

What @TonyC said. GRB’s beers are incredibly mediocre. Give me Beachwood or El Segundo’s IPAs over that any day.



Plus, I might be alone in this, but I’m not that concerned about the monster brewers buying up some of the independents. I think Goose Island proves that the quality doesn’t need to suffer too much. Sofie, BCS, Pere Jacques and others are still exceptional, even a few years into their takeover.

I’ll always prefer the indie spirit and DIY ethos, but I won’t write off a brewery because of it.

Again, it’s all a moot point though when the beer is as shitty as Golden Road’s to begin with.*

*They do get points for their giant Connect 4 set.


Of GR’s IPAs that I’ve tried, I think their Heal The Bay IPA is respectable. Agree on the other IPAs.