Golden Valley Dim Sum (City of Industry) Would Be Great Only If

Golden Valley opened up a few weeks ago replacing the short lived Hong Kong Dim Sum, which was open for just a few weeks, and for which I feel fortunate to have been one of the few lucky people to actually eat there while they were around. Golden Valley is the first place in the Los Angeles area where I’ve encountered the Tim Ho Wan Hong Kong style crispy top bbq pork bun, which is the reason why Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong gained notoriety as the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant. Obviously, the Golden Valley version doesn’t match up to that at Tim Ho Wan, but for us here in LA it’s good enough until something better comes along. The reason why Golden Valley falls short is that most of their dim sum items are on carts. If you get the crunchy bbq pork bun off the cart, you might as well take it home and revive it as I described in the link below. Occasionally a server will bring out a tray of freshly prepared dim sum from the kitchen, and those items are very very good. Sometimes the crunchy top bbq pork bun will come out on a tray in addition to the cart. The milk egg custard bun was heavenly. I would have expected the fresh golden lava bun to be of similar quality, but we didn’t order that since it was kind of similar to what we had. The cart dim sum is OK, but nothing to get excited about. Golden Valley is at 18558 E. Gale in the Seasons shopping center.


Forgive me for going off subject, Tim Ho Wan has opened branches in Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines and Australia. Heard any rumblings about expansion into the U.S.?

New York location is planned.

Of course :confounded: should have known .

Actually this is surprising since most all of the overseas based Chinese restaurant chains that open in the US choose to do so in LA or SF. Interesting Tim Ho Wan is opening in East Village.

The restaurants/chefs with international acclaim seem to hit Manhattan for their first U.S. outposts - Enrique Olivera with Cosmé, Manish Mehrotra with Indian Accent , Daniel Rose at Chez La Vieille Adrienne are a few recent examples.

But you’re right - most of the high end chains open here on the west coast, thank goodness.

Yes, I think the location of Tim Ho Wan in Manhattan may indicate their intentions to make a splash beyond the Chinese community.

Wasn’t the first Hakkasan US outpost in Miami? Followed by NYC, then SF, then Vegas? (Maybe the latter two should be reversed.)

There’s actually quite a cluster of Chinese in the EV than in the adjacent “Manhattan Chinatown.”

I, for one, if forced to choose an area in Manhattan for Chinese, I think I would choose EV over Chinatown. You have Hunan Bistro, Biang!, Xi’an, MáLà Project, etc. as well as a embarrasment of riches in dumpling choices from Vanessa’s, to Mimi’s, to Dumpling Man (which, by the way, has chicken dumplings).

I was thinking Tim Ho Wan might be in a different class due to its reputation and Michelin attention.

Hakkasan, btw, even though it was Michelin starred was a hot London nightlife spot. The new owners saw the club aspect as their primary expansion opportunity, hence Miami.

I’m pretty sure it was NYC before Miami as I was asking you and Dave what to get at the Miami branch.

I thought so as well, but then the website showed me wrong.

Wow! 3 years later at that.

Their dim sum really is top notch. I probably like Hakkasan dim sum as much as any place in LA.

+1, ignoring cost

London Hakkasan was fantastic! That hot&sour soup was addictive. Never got a chance to try out L.A.