Gonjiam K-Town

Really digging this small mom-and-pop joint in Ktown. Best Budaejigae (army surplus Stew) so far in K-town, broth has a lot more depth vs. other places. Also tried the Someori Soup (Cow-Head soup), very similar to Sulutang except cooked with cow’s head instead of beef bones - very tasty and I don’ think they use MSG either.

Couple of other items that seem popular with regular customers include Beef Muchim (Beef salad), Gopchang jeongol (Tripe stew) and Bossam. Planning to order these next time I’m there.

Anyone else tried this place?

4653 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004


Yeah, the ox head soup is outstanding.

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Thanks for using the American & Korean names. I want to learn more. So I don’t end up always ordering the usual fare.

YW @TheCookie. Their menu while only ~20items is not very English speaker friendly. Most of it is lost in translation. i.e. the beef Ox-head soup (1st item on the menu) does not even have an English description; had to whip out my camera view google translation to navigate.

Menu pic from Yelp

That sounds like a handy tool. Gotta’ love Apple. Bookmarking now. Thanks!

“Google I mean” :slight_smile:

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Went here for lunch today.

No English on the sign. It is right next to the Dover apartments near Beverly x Western.

A common theme with Korean bone soup places is the kimchi is always good, not much variety but almost always tasty.

Cow Head Soup. On the menu it is the first item as “Beef Soup”. Salt and pepper at tableside. Easy on the salt as it get saltier when it melts into the soup. If you are a fan of other bone soups you will love this one. Great flavor. The beef cheek meat is so nice and tender.

The regular size is $9. 2 rounds of banchan and a bowl of purple rice. Pretty damn good value and pretty damn tasty.