Good Donuts DTLA?

Any suggestions for a good donut spot in DTLA?

Nickel diner

Great. Thanks.

Bottega Louie for beignets and éclairs. (And, yes, I know difference between a macaron and a donut.)

If you want one of the best baked cake donuts around try Semi Sweet

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Ahhh Bottega Louie. Interesting… I’m getting these for the person who introduced me to BL. [quote=“ipsedixit, post:4, topic:3459”]
(And, yes, I know difference between a macaron and a donut.) :smile:

Do they still make their strawberry shortcake donut?

When those Cronuts were all the rage SemiSweet started making the Crullants and stopped making donuts, at least when I went on the weekends.

No Cronuts.

Still making Crullants, however.

The crullants are still there. And the cake donuts are there as well. They had strawberry and chocolate this morning. The strawberry is one of LA’s underrated donut gems, imo. Cakey, a bit dense, and that strawberry crackle coating is next level.


Sounds yummy.

The coffee bar on the ground floor of the Bonaventure sells a limited selection (usually 3-4 flavors) of Donut Snob donuts.


The strawberry shortcake donut is back??? That was one of my favorite treats until I kept visiting and no strawberry shortcake donuts.

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