Good eats in Palmdale or Canyon Country. Do they exist?

No, it isn’t your reality, because you don’t even have that in Acton. It’s no one’s reality in the Santa Clarita Valley or the Antelope Valley either (though there was a 3-in-1 “Asian” place in Palmdale, but it didn’t last long and still is one Japanese-Chinese place :shudder:) . “Real” Chinese is what is truly missing out this way and why I drive to the SGV. There’s not even much in the way of “sit down” Americanized Chinese out this way. Only Dragon Palace has items like xiao long bao, chicken feet and a small dim sum menu,

There is decent Thai in the Antelope Valley, though, obviously more of the basic dishes and not the stuff you’d find in Thai Town or North Hollywood (then again, how many places outside of those two have those items? Thailand?)

One Vietnamese place in Palmdale. Small menu, but does the basics decently. Beef pho and spring rolls available at Vietnamese run boba place in Lancaster.

Three Korean places. Again, the basics (BBQ and in one case, a few other items). They’re not going to confuse anyone with Koreatown’s selections, but…they are there and do exist.

Many sushi bars (which do have the occasional grilled item), but obviously, nothing like the South Bay or Sawtelle.

So, it’s up to you what reality you make. You can biitch, gripe and whine, or drive North or South and find some pleasant surprises. Spoggly already gave some good suggestions, and there are others. Do a search on Chowhound, where I know the SCV and AV came up. Even check (gulp) Yelp for places outside the norm.



Best of luck out there.

No, not even that. There’s just the one place with orange chicken in Acton (the Italian/Mexican/Chinese place). There isn’t even much orange chicken in the AV. There are a few “Chinese” buffets and some “Chinese” take-out. Even Americanized Chinese is in short supply in the AV.

When it comes to “real” Chinese, you’re boned. There’s plenty of Thai though.

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Do you know why? Seems like a random place to have lots of Thai.

so no ranch 99?

How does anyone wind up anywhere really? How did Ns1 wind up in Acton? I assume he wasn’t Lisa Douglas-ed and it was by choice.

I’m not implying there’s a Thai Town level. It’s just that Thai restaurants are more common around the Antelope Valley than many here would think (and there seem to be a lot of misconceptions and misperceptions about outlying areas). There are 11 Thai places in the Antelope Valley.

According to the last Census, Palmdale’s “Asian” population was 4.9%, Lancaster 4.3% That’s 13,000+. There are more and more Chinese students in the area, so there’s hope for improvement in that area.



And the place you’re referring to is Wences Bistro, an amazing looking american chinese/italian/mexican/american joint that I’m sure I’ll be a regular at soon enough.

I mean C’MON, I can get a grilled cheese, egg foo young, alfredo pasta, asada burrito, AND a banana split all at the same place?


:slight_smile: Nope…no Vons, Albertson’s, Food4Less, etc., etc., etc. Only country markets. They fought like Hell to keep out a Taco Bell.

With the increased Chinese student population, I keep hoping for a 99 Ranch in the AV. I know it will get here, but, sadly, I’ll likely be long gone by then. Santa Clarita has a Filipino supermarket and there is an Indian market, a Filipino market and a Thai run “Asian” market in the Antelope Valley.

Agriculture in AV is dominated by Koreans. Don’t know how ofter Korean farmers go out to eat though…

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I don’t think that’s really a secret, Asian man. #seewhatididthere

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:whistle: backatcha

Yes, I’m familiar with Angkor, or at least was familiar with it when it used to be known as Mana. Under that name, it was billed - somewhat accurately - as “Asian fusion.” Cambodian run, obviously. A true exception rather than the rule, though in much smaller places, like Acton, your little cartoon often applies (see the bistro as an example). SCV and AV? Not so much. Never said there weren’t exceptions. Acton is not the SCV or the AV, it’s Acton. There’s somewhat of a difference between a place with a population of 7,500 and places with about 300,000.

From a history standpoint, check out Le Chene and The Saugus Cafe towards the Canyon Country direction of you.

Hey don’t forget the fucking orange chicken too.

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If you order off the Children’s Menu, yes :smiley:

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I had a friend born and raised in Southern California move out to some bumfuk tumbleweed place back east for school. Would complain about the lack of variety and quality. Eventually he said f it, and took up cooking.

So I predict your cooking skills will increase.

Oh hey at least you got Panda Express out there I love me some half fried rice half chow mein and double order of Orange Chicken!!! I crave that a few times a year.


That is my 14yo’s usual Panda Express order. :wink:

I pretend to be healthy and get 1/2 fried rice, 1/2 steamed veggies, chicken with string beans, and the sweetfire chicken. We have it 4-5 times a year, just because we can. :smiley:


Many, many moons ago there used to be a Don Cuco out there and while it was pretty much an El Torito level Mexican place, it did have a few Mexican-Chinese dishes of the style that you could find down in Calexico. Those were actually pretty good. Since I left the valley after the Northridge quake, I have no idea if Cuco’s still has those dishes, I don’t think they were real popular. I also not sure how many Cuco’s are left. I’m guessing that the Toluca Lake one is still around because it was really pretty busy with the NBC crowd.

I went to a “Don Chato” last night which served a nearly identical menu to Don Cuco in Burbank.

The bacon wrapped shrimp were actually better than the Burbank rendition and the cheese enchilada came out nice and hot, unlike our last visit to Salsa & Beer.

so, I guess I’ll be back.

Glad Don Chato nee Cuco was halfway decent, but my comment was more about the restaurant that serves both Mexican and Chinese dishes and that place may very well be terrible, but in old Don Cuco’s case, the Chinese dishes were pretty good IIRC.

You moved to the country and are surprised to see so many veterinarians?

The whole thread begs the question. If this is such a hardship for you, why did you move there? Did you not check out food options before moving? What, exactly, did you expect?

Anyone who gets to dine regularly in any World Class city gets spoiled. I get that. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t decent and varied options on either side of you. Spectacular? No. Destination restaurants? Hardly. But, decent local* places to enjoy. I have some suggestions, but TBH, I’m wonder if I even should bother.

*“local” being 15-25 miles or so for you :slight_smile: