Good eats in Palmdale or Canyon Country. Do they exist?

A-2 zoning.

I’m dealing with my issues by importing the goods from LA proper since I still work here.

I have some suggestions, but TBH, I’m wonder if I even should bother.

The shade in this thread is all in good fun, but you seem to have been triggered. Should you choose to offer up these suggestions, be sure that sometime within the next 10 years that I have to live here that I will visit said suggestion, unless it goes out of business first.


Commiseration period. @Ns1 is solid trooper in my book. I think things as important if not more so than food obsession are in play here. If he can’t vent around his food buds, who else will understand?

I know this. Abundant square footage and open spaces are a nice change from elbows and asses LA. And those things once plentiful will be far more special now.


how good is this pasta really?

@Ns1 the pasta is a delight. The gnocchi is pillowy perfection personified…they are so delicate that you might not have to chew them. The bolognese sauce is my favorite…like you rolled into a Nonna’s kitchen. I’d come more often if it was more convenient. I need to get out there for pistachio gelato.

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Excellent but, as I mentioned in some other threads, I find the tomato sauce to be a bit too acidic (or, at least it was too acidic on my last visit).

The gelato, though, is always stunning. And, yes, worth a 1-hr drive, IMHO (and the cost, 'cuz the pistachio ain’t cheap). Bring a cooler and buy in relative bulk.

Doesn’t look like that’s in either Palmdale or Canyon Country to me :wink:

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Hi @Ns1,

Bulgarini Gelato is good (probably my favorite in the city from a down-to-earth, great, toothsome pasta). But I have to caution only you can decide what’s “worth it.”

If a 2 hour round-trip is at your limit, the expectations might be so great that nothing would be worth the drive. Just wanted to let you know. :wink:

If you decide to go, call ahead and make sure Leo is going to be there. Might as well time it and see if he’s making his amazing handmade focaccia bread that evening (usually Friday & Saturdays only). But if not, ask which pastas he has in stock and coordinate your trip when he’s there. :slight_smile:

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And each one of those Thai places has… orange chicken.

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went to thai tonight in palmdale, let’s just say it’s not a good start.

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Which place?

Probably because he’s still waiting to read your suggestions.


They do not. And that’s the point, an untrue premise, expounded on for jokey joke time.

You’ll find every bit as much orange chicken around L.A. The exceptions being the SGV and a few places on the Westside, South Bay and Valley.

I seriously doubt that, but if not, I’m flattered.

My experience and yelp beg to differ. Jasmine Thai, Thai palms, Shandra, nopgow, Thai cafe, spicy Thai, angkor, salatip are just some of the Thai places that serve orange chicken and I’m not even counting the scv. It is very true and that ain’t no “jokey joke”.

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One of the ones mentioned in this thread. I mean it’s possible I ordered wrong but doesn’t look like I’m gonna stop bringing Pa Ord home anytime soon.

Bulgarini sells a jar of pesto and you can make wonder pasta at home. I believe the shelf life was around 2 weeks or so refrigerated. Boil up some pasta and toss in the pesto with the hot and drained pasta in a bowl. Time to eat.

I scrambled an egg in the left over pesto pasta with some cracked black pepper and it was pretty amazing.


For what it’s worth, Leo sells his own gnocchi at Bulgarini Gelato as well… I prepared it with some truffle just a few days ago, and ecstasy was mine.


Sorry, I thought your meme was an attempt to be “funny.” Because, you know, usually that’s the intent. I didn’t realize you were being serious.

My original comment about there not being a lot of orange chicken was simply referring to lack of Chinese period, I wasn’t even referring to Thai places. Of course, there is plenty of orange chicken at the buffets and steam table places, which, unfortunately make up almost the entirety of “Chinese” in the area. So, if that was what led to this, sorry for the confusion. I literally wasn’t even thinking of Thai, and it’s irrelevant to the point I was making - or attempting to make - anyway.

What is the relevancy of the orange chicken insistence? Are you trying to make some sort of larger point about it? :confused: If so, please explain (and, I’m not asking this with snark or being sarcastic, I mean it sincerely)

I don’t know if there’s a larger point you’re attempting to make, or why, but it still isn’t true. There’s at least one place on your list that I’ve never seen orange vhicken on the menu and I know of at least one other Thai place that doesn’t have it. Your experience meaning you’ve gone in to each and every one of the places you named? :confused: …or simply checking on Yelp? You’ve eaten in Palmdale that often?

Again, the point is?.. :confused:


Even though it takes away from the seeming narrative of the thread, help me out here.

I noticed you didn’t post in the “The places you eat at most often” thread. So, what were some of your favorite “neighborhood” places around your old area? Not those that were special occasions, or that you drove for, but those nearby places that were your go-to or local hangout(s)…for better or worse :smile:

Where did you go for breakfasts? What were/are your “guilty pleasures”? etc.

my point is, in my experience, most of the “asian” places i’ve been to in the AV, not only the “chinese” places, but also thai, vietnamese, cambodian, and japanese have orange chicken on the menu. interpret that however you like.