GOOD flat steel grater? Like Ekco/All In One?

I’m trying to find a replacement for what used to be the standard grocery store/hardware store flat steel multi-grater; Ekco and “All-In-One” were the usual brands. Almost all now seem to have various sorts of plastic frames or handles, to compensate for the thinner cheaper metal on the grating section. My last one, purchased probably 20+ years ago, is still sharp, but has finally started to show some rust issues where the sheet steel is wrapped around the handle/frame wire. My recollection is that my mother’s lasted 30+ years. Is there a good one still available at something short of an artisinal price?

Like these?

Amazon has one that’s even more old-school but I can’t get a direct link. Click on this and then select Flat with Non-Stick Grip.

I still use my mother’s box grater and I’m 75! I also have a small, one size one with a plastic handle if I just need a small amount, say, for a couple of scrambled eggs.

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We have so many graters it’s absurd. I should line them up for a photo.

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We moved a year ago and I got rid of tons of kitchen stuff, which could be its own thread :slight_smile: