Good Good Culture Club

everything was good good to great great and goes great with a piping hot bowl of rice. highlights were crying tiger shrimp, stuffed chicken wing, pork belly, ribeye, pandan bibingka. will be back.

crying tiger shrimp - coconut-makrut cream, cucumber, serranos, crispy butter beans, mint, red onion

good good chicken wing - chicken longganisa stuffing, adobo glaze

niman ranch bone-in pork belly - oyster sauce marinade, stones fruits, pickled peppers, pistachio

gracie creek ribeye - grilled “yakitori” style, five-spice glaze, pickled red onions, bean sprouts, thai basil

tempura soft shell crab - green curry ranch, english pea, herb-palapa salad

pandan bibingka, miso anglaise

halo ha-lao - ube sorbet, blueberries, pluots, honeydew, coconut foam, tomato shaved ice, tapioca


Was it hardcore tipless in the sense of no tip line on the check?

yes. there was no check, you order and pay all using your phone and there was no option to leave a tip.