Good Luck Farley!

I was reading this weeks 4 Restaurants to Try This Weekend in Los Angeles and was suspired to read that @FarleyElliott is QUIETLY leaving Eater.

I know have really enjoyed (and learned so much from) his voluminous coverage of the LA food world for Eater and I wish him well!


+1 he’s done a ton of great work for that site and for the city. His IG story implies he won’t be going too far, hope he continues in the food world.


ETA: his Eater bio is still present tense; had no idea he was behind the hamsters/burritos viral vid!

Solid win for The Chronicle but their paywall will limit his audience.

SF Gate doesn’t have a paywall from what I’ve experienced.


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“Frankly, I could have sat at Hon’s Wun-Tun House all night, just watching the steam rise from that giant pot of soup.”

lmao when was Farley ever in the SGV doing this? also would love him to enlighten us as to what a “Cantonese newspaper” is

Was just listening to Farley on the SoCal restaurant shore on AM830. I think this show is on every Saturday between 10am and noon. He was chatting about Pea Soup Andersen closing and the new Feninger Miliken restaurant in downtown Palm Springs.

His official title is Southern California Bureau Chief at SF Gate.