Good 宵夜 near Arcadia

Hi all,

I have a large group I’m looking to take to a late night dinner near Arcadia/SGV and therefore am interested in places with a good 宵夜 menu. Generally, these menus are a little more limited than a full dinner menu but feature items at reduced prices. I know Five Star in San Gabriel, Atlantic Seafood in Monterey Park, and Top Island in Alhambra have these kinds of menus starting at 9:30 p.m. If people know of others or have had any experiences, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Happy eating.

for lowest common denominator, there’s sam woo. as they share same name but not necessarily same ownership, beware, but i’m pretty sure the one in alhambra on valley and the one on las tunas in san gabriel have 宵夜 menus starting at 9:30 or so. however, NOT the one in focus plaza on del mar.

Never thought I’d need to be able to read Chinese to participate here. Is the point that anyone who can’t wouldn’t be able to respond with sufficient expertise?


Fear not @Midlife, 宵夜 phonetically translated is just “shiao yei” which just means, loosely translated, late night snack.

I don’t think using Chinese words is (or was) meant to be exclusionary but rather a way of expressing an idea in a more accurate granular level.

So, with that said, got any recs?

No. But that granular level was jnowable only by Chinese readers. The topic could have been looking for corn dog recs for all I knew. Not so much exclusionary as self-limiting. Seemed worth questioning … something to be thought about when posting.


it’s what i used.

should i mention i’m chinese?

i mean, seriously, there are plenty of times i see a term i don’t know, and i simply google instead of feeling like i’m being left out.

Apologies, @Midlife! Did not mean to leave folks out. I guess a semi-accurate translation would be “late night eats,” or something along those lines - open to other translations if others have them. Thanks for pointing that out!

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There is a Canto place across from Sinbala in Arcadia, the name and hours escape me.

If there are older folks in your group they will love Lu’s Garden. They close late on the weekend. They will love the sweet potato porridge, the side veggie dishes, and appreciate a lighter meal.

Tasty Garden is open late.

Of course JJ, Bacali, JR lulz

I was going to make the same comment. Would it be too hard to parenthetically add the English word(s)? It IS an English-language site :slight_smile:

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I just googled the term. Copy, paste, translate. Seems rather tedious compared to the poster just writing it out. Just my two cents.

Do you mean May Mei Restaurant? Looks like they close at 10 p.m. every day of the week.

Not sure there are any places in/around Arcadia that offer discounted prices for late night eats; however, Top Island on Valley in Alhambra does offer specials after 9 p.m. (they open until 1 a.m.).