Good place for latkes? (potato pancakes)

Any suggestions for good made-to-order latkes? I tried Bagel Cafe, and theirs were horrible. They just took thick burger-style premade ones out of the deli cold case and heated them on the flattop, so they had crispy outsides and gluey insides. That seems to be the standard routine at delis here (same deal at Carnegie – theirs were even worse). I’m looking for the thin ones actually made to order, like Mom used to make.

Yesterday I tried the ones at Original Pancake House, and they weren’t good either. They were more like regular (thin) pancakes, with some shredded potato added to the batter as an afterthought. So although they had nice crispy edges, the middles were more like regular pancakes, which was a serious disconnect. Also, not a trace of onion, which is a must, IMO. The Wynn buffet offers them made-to-order on their dinner menu, but now we’re talking $42+, so, no.

Any suggestions? TIA as always.


not in vegas

That said, (for future reference) where would you go in L.A. for the best latkes?

I have Freedman’s on my list to try.

The Kitchen