Good To Eat - Taiwanese - Emeryville

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Fermented Napa Cabbage Hot Pot 48

fermented napa cabbage, snake river farms kurobuta pork
chicken bone broth w/ fu-ru dipping sauce

Shrimp Stir-fried with Tofu Sauce 豆醬蝦仁 32

lightly glazed with tofu-based sauce & leek. an old school Taiwanese dish

Oyster w/ Douchi Glaze 豆豉鮮蚵 36

red bell pepper, ginger, green onion, fermented black bean

“Pepper Numbing” Chicken Cutlet 椒麻雞 21

Taiwanese sweet “pepper numbing” sauce, served with cabbage slaw

Fried Pork Chop 21

black vinegar, white pepper, soy paste


Taiwanese Golden Kimchi (v) 7.5

napa cabbage, fermented tofu, organic apple cider vinegar

Shio Koji Steamed Pork 白切肉 15

duroc pork, negi & house garlic soy paste. classic banquet dish

Wok Fried Peanuts (v) 6

chili flakes, black pepper, sea salt


Grilled Whole Squid “Yi-Ye-Gan” 22

traditional overnight air-drying method to enhance flavor and texture.
served with paocai - Taiwanese style pickled cabbage

King Oyster Mushroom (v) 12.5

housemade Taiwanese BBQ sauce

Tofu, Night Market BBQ (v) 8

organic, housemade Taiwanese BBQ sauce, yuzu kosho

“Dou Bao” Layered Tofu Sheets (v) 11

premium tofu skin (yuba) from Yunling, Taiwan. texture of puff pastry.

Bok Choy w/ Ginger Sesame Dressing (v) 7.5

topped with house seasoning from fermented radish greens


Taiwanese Soy-glazed Eggplants (v) 22

lightly fried then finished on hot pan, garlic, soy paste glaze

Fu-Ru Fried Chicken 17

chicken thigh, fermented tofu sauce

Spicy Sauce Fried Chicken Wings 18

bone-in wings, GTE chili vinegar

Lu-Rou Fan 滷肉飯 15

add Dong Chuang Chili Sauce 1
hand cut duroc pork over rice, fresh sugar cane, side of pickled cucumber

Eggplant Noodle (v) 18

soy-glazed eggplant with GTE chili crunch

Taiwanese Minced-Pork Noodle 14

with fermented bean paste from Gangshan, Taiwan

GTE Spicy Noodle (v) 9

GTE chili vinegar, fried shallots

Veggies of the Day (v) 14

stir fried with minced garlic


Roasted Oolong Tea Basque Cheesecake 14

charcoal roasted dong-ding oolong tea from Nantou, Taiwan


Steamed Rice 2.5

topped with sesame seeds

GTE Chili Vinegar 3.5

Chef Tony’s original

GTE Chili Oil Crunch 2

or get a whole 6oz jar 12
an in-house special. fragrant and aromatic

Taiwanese Sweet Mayo 3.5

thick and luxurious texture


served chilled in 720 ml bottle or 180ml carafe

Shishi no Sato “Lion Village”, Jumnai Daiginjo

floral & fruity, sharp & dry finish. Ishikawa, Japan. 15.5%

Tenbi “Beauty of the Sky”, Tokubetsu Junmai

effervescent, clean & bright. Yamaguchi, Japan. 15%

Zaku “The Craft” Nakadori, Junmai Daiginjo

from prime middle press. rich with delicate sweetness. Mie, Japan.16%

Nito “Two Hares”, Omachi 48, Junmai Daiginjo

gentle sweet rice notes, crisp finish. Aichi, Japan. 15.5%

Kirinzan, Junmai Gingo

creamy body, dry and light finish. Niigata, Japan.15.5%

Heiwa Shuzo Umeshu “Kanjuku”

plum sake with a delightful fruity sweetness and a hint of tartness.
served on the rocks, 4oz pour. Wakayama, Japan.10%


Kuroushi Omachi, Junmai Ginjo

full-bodied, layered and balanced. 15%, 180ml

Yuki Otoko “Snow Yeti”, Junmai

round, dry, smooth. short & clean finish. 16%, 180ml

Heiwa Shuzo “KID” Junmai

soft mouthfeel, balanced acidity, gentle umami. 15%, 180ml


Helles Lager

clean, crisp. notes of sauvignon blanc. Faction Brewing. 5.4% ABV

Off the Hook, Hazy IPA 8

citrus, berry notes. Original Pattern Brewing. 6.8% ABV

1970’s Lager 7.5

Award winning low ABV Faction Brewing. 3.9% ABV

What in Tarnation!?, Gose Sour $8

peach and blueberry. Original Pattern Brewing, 6.2%

Down the Rabbit Hole, IPA 8

pine and grapefruit aroma. 7.0% ABV


Sparkling Roasted Oolong Tea 8

served cold unsweetened on tap. oolong tea from Nantou, Taiwan

Green Narcissus Oolong Tea 9

flora and honey aroma, no tannin. from Nantou, Taiwan

Black Rice Tea with Rooibos 8

uncaffeinated, house roasted black glutenous rice with rooibos

Ginger Winter Melon Tea 8

gentle spice of ginger balanced with winter melon sugar


Hella Hallertau Blanc 8

crisp, notes of sauvignon blanc. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.4%

Outer Realm Hazy IPA 8

tropical, lime notes. Original Pattern Brewing, 6.9%

Pipsqueak Sour 8

rasberry & dark cherry. Original Pattern Brewing, 5.8%

Taiwan Gold Medal Rice Lager 7

crisp, clean, brewed with ponlai rice (Formosa rice), 5%


Apple Cidra 4

蘋菓西打, classic Taiwanese cola

Guava Rose, Wildwonder 6

sparkling prebiotic + probiotic. lightly sweetened.

Mango Gold, Wildwonder 6

sparkling prebiotic + probiotic. refreshingly tangy zing

Root Beer, Maine Root 5

fair trade organic cane sugar. wintergreen, clove & anise

Mango Gold, Wildwonder 6

sparkling prebiotic + probiotic. refreshingly tangy zing

Yuzu Sparkling Juice, Kimino 6

hand-picked yuzu and organic sugar cane

Ume Sparkling Juice, Kimino 6

juice from hand-picked ume

Delicious. Most Junmais taste the same to me but this was fruity and complex. Liked it so much I ordered a second carafe. Also had a glass of the sour, tasty but very sour so it was an extreme palate cleanser.

Dou bao. Never had anything like this before.

“Kimchi” was delicious, not spicy, never had anything like this before either. Had a few bites before I remembered to take a photo.

Steamed pork, delicate, really wants rice which we’d neglected to order at first.

Bok choy, simple but good, nice to have some simple veg for contrast. There were two other pieces like this.

House spicy noodles, great bouncy QQ. Mildly spicy, no ma la. One of the better vegan dishes I’ve had.

Minced pork noodle, to me kind of bland in contrast to the spicy. Leftovers will make a great soup.

Grilled squid, tasted very Korean to me.

Neglected to photograph the king trumpet mushroom skewers. Nice but had an odd bitter finish I didn’t care for.

Also neglected to photograph the charcoal roasted oolong tea cheesecake. Very nice, subtle flavor, wouldn’t have guessed tea.

Prices are fair for the quality of the ingredients, level of cooking, and really exceptional service.

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They also have once or twice each month a “tasting menu - ja ban bae” - and the picture look very interesting