Good to very good lunch places in The City

We have a couple of friends who are going to be house/pet sitting in Pleasanton for a month in November. They plan on taking BART into the city a couple of times a week. Because of the dog I’m guessing they’ll be looking for lunch rather than dinner spots. Probably on public transpo or walking. I don’t think budget is a huge issue for them. They’re not SUPER adventuresome but like most cuisines (not Mexican) and lived in SE Asia and traveled quite a bit there. I’m sure they’d appreciate any recs. TIA.

I think all these places serve lunch at least one day a week.

Crystal Jade
Hawker Fare
La Ciccia
Monsieur Benjamin
Trou Normand

la ciccia has never served lunch

True. Worth making a reservation at opening time if you need to be home early.

I like the weekend lunch pasta tasting at SPQR quite a bit.
Kin Khao is a nice, bright spot for some delicious Thai food.
I really have enjoyed my lunches at In Situ, at either the bar area or the dining room.
And I always enjoy meandering around the Ferry Building at lunch time, trying to figure out what I am going to eat. Then, eating it…of course.
+1 on @Robert suggestion on Zuni. Never gets old after all these years.

Tartine Manufactory
595 Alabama

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Just a followup. They’re finishing up their petsitting in a couple of days and didn’t come into the city a single time :frowning: I have no idea why. But thanks and I know others, including me!, will make use of it.

Kin Khao is nice, but the lunch menu is quite abbreviated and doesn’t have most of the dishes that interest me.

Ferry Building has some great stuff but at lunch and dinner time the lines can be ridiculous. I’ve ended up at Bouli Bar a couple of times just because it’s less popular. The Turkish-style lamb pizza is worth a detour.

I was planning to have lunch at Tartine Manufactory the other afternoon, since I was nearby, but parking was impossible. Seems like every building that hasn’t been turned into offices for tech companies has been turned into condos for their employees.