Goose at LA-area restaurants?

Do you guys know of any restaurants in the LA area which will be serving goose during the month of December (or at any point during the year)?

In the past, The Pikey in Hollywood served goose on Christmas Day, but over the past few years they’ve prepared duck instead, much to my disappointment.

Thanks in advance!

They have goose. Order ahead of time.

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Has anyone tried the goose at sham Tseng. I’ve always wanted to order it but it’s pretty pricey so I’d be sad if it was a dud

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Their roast duck and siu yuk are of the standard SGV stuff so I can’t envision their goose being particularly special.


My mom’s friend tried it around when they opened years ago because that’s what they were known for. She thought it was good but not worth the price, though I’m not sure if any goose would’ve been worth the price to her.

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That place has gone so far downhill.

Honestly I’m not sure if anybody wants to bother doing proper Chiu Chow style braised goose.


That’s unfortunate. Looking around Ho Kee has it on the special order menu, and Lien Hoa BBQ down in Westminster.

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Cool, thanks for the additional recommendations.

That’s because it’s gone through two name changes to Sam Tseng and now New Sam Tseng which suspiciously seem like ownership changes.

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James Beach in Venice is offering roast goose as part of its Christmas Eve dinner.

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Thanks, appreciate it!

Quick update:

Looks like there’s a Christmas Day buffet which features roasted goose at Cattle & Claw, located inside the Sofitel Los Angeles hotel. It will run from 12pm to 7pm and cost $65 per person.

The Tam O’ Shanter has it on the menu every year at Christmas. It’s pretty good.