Go's lunch pics

Some pics from lunch today. All my usual favorites were on display - caviar, gold flakes, white truffle, truffle oil :+1:

Think I managed to sell Mrs. Go on a Santa Monica Blvd chow down at Endo, Yazawa and Amorino on their next day off :smile:


Must have missed the posts on Amorino opening up in town!!

Plowed through 2 servings a day when in Paris. Forget Berthillon glacé.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but is this place good??? I’ve never heard of it. One can never have too much gelato…


Parisian based gelato chain with outlets around Europe. My sole encounter was in Milan last year, happened upon it during a bio-break. Recollect it left a favorable impression. Philosophy: Amorino – Organic, vegan and gluten-free Gelato. Located right next to Sprinkles.

Note of caution - if you opt for their popular gelato shaped like a rose presentation, it may take a while … Local servers not as proficiently trained.

Looks like Porthos did a doctorate worthy study in Paris :smile:

@Porthos, @Sgee,

How does it compare with Bulgarini? Thanks.

Unfortunately I only had the sorbet at the BH location. It was good. Hopefully someone else will chime in on Bulgarini comparison.

If it’s anywhere as good as the European branches you’ll love it. Especially the pistachio and hazelnut.

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Wow, looks fantastic! Every time I’m in LA I become too discouraged by traffic to head up to Go’s (I stay in West LA), but after these pics, I need to go. Is Go more of a lunch or dinner spot, or either?

Works for either. I will caution, it’s very different from Mori. Worth checking out though.

I’ve always wondered how it compares to Kiyokawa (which seems a natural comparison). Also, does anyone know what the status of Kiyokawa is post the ownership and name change (and move to dinner-only)?

Kiyokawa leans closer to traditional Japanese preparation. Go’s is all about the creative toppings (traditional and western ingredients) served at a very leisurely pace…

Well, Kiyokawa is where we’ve eaten uni with truffle butter melted on top, bigeye tuna with caviar and gold leaf etc.

Looks like I got shortchanged during my one and only visit to Kiyokawa :unamused:

Yeah, and looking at my reviews, on another occasion there was uni with truffle butter, truffle salt and a thin slice of black truffle on top.