Go's Mart. I finally went

I love Mori - and they’re my favorite sushi spot. I just with they weren’t so damn expensive. Then again all the good ones are expensive.

I’ve tried most of them all - a few times even - still have Mori on top. I think it’s the traditional style - the rice, the temp, the seasoning, the impeccable treatment of the fish. And their apps too.

So I took a couple friends. If you’re not familiar with it - I was told it was a humble place in a strip mall in the valley. (Well, me and the two friends did a lot of growing up in Canoga Park - so it was fun to go back and drive down Sherman Way to see if any of it looked familiar. It was near Shoup.)

The place isn’t humble - and thought I woudn’t say it’s a dump - because that connotes a feeling of uncleanliness - I didn’t get that (but then it looks anything but pristine). If there was every a hole in the wall - this is it. In fact, it feels almost like a 3rd world hole in the wall. And the layout is funky - there’s a display case up front, but in the hall on the side on the way to the bathroom - is the small sushi bar! Hole in the wall along the lines Mel’s Fish Shack on West Adams. But cleaner.

I like it. But…

It’s not like Mori, more like Kiriko - modern sushi. With a lot of flavorings. Very good, often different kinds of the same fish, or different treatments of the same fish.

It was pretty great.

But then I have to weigh it against this thought - that for the money - I could’ve gone to Mori’s! In fact, Mori is a little less expensive. Who knew?!

And Mori is a humble place, quirky and interesting sense of design, and not what you would expect to see in a place with a Michelin star. But if feels downright upscale compared with Go’s.
But the food is absolutely star-worthy. Not sure if I would say that about Go’s. (where Mori puts that fish out with a sense of purpose in the timing - eat it and eat it now - Go’s is making up three lovely plates with three or four pieces and then serving it to you. Rice doesn’t have that elegance in the flavor profile (part of which is the temperature). And the flavoring might be a little too powerful (it becomes the star rather the place a supporting role and let the fish take the bows).

Now I’m craving Mori’s,-

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When your first sensory memory about a sushi restaurant is truffle oil, there’s something very wrong.

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Does Go’s Mart have any sort of “normal” offerings like a chirashi bowl, or is it pretty much a triple digit omakase experience every time?


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Not sure I agree. While they definitely don’t have chirashi bowls, I’ve seen plenty of customers order a la carte off the menu board. If you order sparingly you can likely clock in at under $100 while still getting a sense of the style.

Not sure about chirashi bowls, but you can do non-omakase. They have a few tables inside, and they do serve some rolls and whatnot.

Do not sit at the tables… Order ala-carte (sparingly) off the white board first time you’re there, you should be able to get by under $100.

How the hell do you aim for < $100 with no prices listed. For all i know king crab = kegani topped with gold flake, black truffle (or perhaps more appropriately truffle oil), caviar - $40

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It’s been a few years since I’ve done ala carte. Try ~10 items. Anything live obviously decreases the odds.

I think most items are by the piece, regular tuna 4 bucks.

Gold caviar/toro ~ $11 to $12 per piece.

sea urchin ten to 12

snapper, $6 or $7

i don’t know keganiska.

That should give you an idea.

You can get CA rolles and maybe chirashi even if sitting at the bar, i saw a bunch of Valley high schooler boys eating rolls at the tables. with miso soup. didn’t look like they were doing the $150 deals.

Correct – the items here are priced by the piece, so if you order 1 order aji sushi, for example, you would get 1 piece, not 2 like you would in most sushi restaurants.

2013 prices, photo from KevinEats

So I guess it would be possible to BYO-10pc sushi special for ~$60.

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Yes, but most of the other stuff is not on this list.

They’re write-ins. on the bottoms of the receipt : kanpachi, sayori, kinki, kinematai, hokkaido sea urchin.

Prices on this list about 50 cents to 1 dollar more.

Hi @Sgee,

Nice menu. I wonder what the “Holy Cow” is? A5 Wagyu? :smile:

Evidently it’s this

Thanks. :slight_smile:

kobe, cow.

@Ns1 offerings today. Couple next to me celebrated hubby’s b’day, snuck a peek at their tab $195 b4 tax.

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$195 for the pair? They do omakase? That’s actually not bad if so.

Thanks for the Intel.

Yup it’s was $195 for two, appeared they ordered Ala Carte

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