Gracious dining suitable for 80+ years old near Playa Vista

I have an octogenarian friend, who lives in Playa Vista, and wants a steak dinner–or one that’s got lots of the foods she doesn’t get to eat a lot of anymore.

She loves a drink, is very stylish, and appreciates a beautiful room with a flirty host. I want a place to take her, where the seating isn’t cruel to old spines, and the noise levels are low.

Price isn’t a concern. Location, quality, and ambiance are. I’m driving, but don’t think she’s quite up to a long drive. Any suggestions?

Has anyone been to the new Golden Bull? Or perhaps a more recent trip to Casa Modena? Bel Campo in Santa Monica isn’t special enough. Ach!

Thank you for any and all suggestions.

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Is The Arthur J in Manhattan Beach too far?

Ruth’s Chris in MdR?

Hatchet Hall in Mar Vista
Charcoal in Venice
Vespertine in Culver (jk)

I think a more intimate setting which happens to serve “big steakhouse” meat & other fare would be more suited for this fabulous lady.

Try Capo, by the shore in (not-so-far-away) Santa Monica. I love their menu, and the setting in which it’s served. The barkeep can pour you a crisp lemon drop or quality dirty martini, as well.

Wishing your party a special evening…

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Capo is a great idea. Also in that part of Santa Monica there’s The Lobster and Ivy At The Shore. Or for a somewhat different vibe, Vito on Ocean Park in eastern Santa Monica for old school Italian and flirty Italian waiters …

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I second Hatchet Hall; ask for a table in the patio as the main room can get boisterous. I’ll also suggest Hal’s Bar and Grill. Enjoyed a very good steak there recently. Upscale dining room, and the service was commendable.