Grape Pie. You have to try it

While on a trip back to northern New York is The North Country, not Upstate for a 50th HS reunion we made a stop on the way back at a cousin’s home and picked loads of Concord Grapes. About 2 years ago I had made and tasted my first grape pie. Oh wow! If you are a baker and like pies, this is a must unless you don’t like concord grapes. I use the recipe from Saveur, you can pull it up on line. It does take some time and love. For each pie you need 2 lbs. of grapes. You slip the skins off and reserve. Grape pulp goes into a pot where it gets cooked and softened. I then use my good old Foley Food Mill to separate the pulp from the seeds. Add the sugar and thickener, pour into the pie crust, top with another and bake. A little vanilla ice cream is good along side. I got enough grapes to share and prepped enough filling to freeze. We are going to my niece’s home for Thanksgiving and I will make a grape pie as well as pumpkin. She swears she doesn’t bake but over the past couple of years I have been turning her towards the oven. This visit I’ll give her a lesso in pie crust making.

I can attest to the fact that Candy’s Grape Pie is utterly delicious! I plan to try my hand next summer. I think that a dollop of the filling baked into the center of a muffin would be fantastic.