Great Cocktails, Cozy Atmosphere and Cuddling - Welcome to Trick Dog Airways - Trick Dog [Thoughts + Pics]

We had promised to meet up with a group of friends after our excellent meal at Benu (one of the reasons we didn’t go for a wine pairing there @beefnoguy), :wink: and decided to head over to Trick Dog (one of the places we had bookmarked thanks to @SFDiner @beefnoguy @JonDough). We loved our last visit to P.C.H. (thanks again @ipsedixit @BradFord), but wanted to try out a new bar during this trip. :slight_smile:

Walking into Trick Dog, we’re greeted by this cozy, low-lit ambiance. The bar is packed but we find a space to settle in. I thought the menu and theme was so cute! Something @Ns1 and other dog lovers might enjoy:

And inside the menu, they lay out “airport terminal maps” with different destinations / cities around the world as part of the theme. :slight_smile:

Only later did we learn that Trick Dog changes up a theme every 6 months or so (darn!), so “Trick Dog Airways” is only on through end of June 2018, when a new menu appears. Trick Dog is also named as the #26 Best Bar on the World’s 50 Best Bars list for 2017!

Scooby Snack (Denizen Rum, Clement Mohina Coconut, Giffard Banana, Pineapple):

This was a custom Shot that they make (they ran out of shot glasses so they put them in these taller glasses). The Scooby Snack Shot was dangerously easy-to-drink! :sweat_smile: You could barely taste the alcohol as your mouth was hit with a beautiful tropical aroma, not too sweet, with enticing notes of Pineapple and Coconut and Banana. :slight_smile:

KIK - Kansai International Kyoto (Plymouth Gin, Lillet Rose, Nigori Sake, Lychee, Seaweed, Lime. Served Up.):

This was so smooth and balanced! Really easy to drink. The bartenders have created something that tastes mainly of Lychee (which is awesome), is refreshing (Lime), and slightly sweet, but not overly so. This disappeared way too fast. :sweat_smile: (and then another round appeared for some reason!) :stuck_out_tongue:

YQG - Windsor International, Windsor, ON (Sacred Bond Brandy, Lot 40 Rye, Yellow Chartreuse, Spice-Smoked Peychaud’s Bitters. On a Caramelized Ice Cube.):

This was neat, seeing our bartender break out a blowtorch, and proceed to caramelize some Sugar on top of a large Ice Cube. While Brandy is very distinct and potent, this was one of the smoothest, most balanced Brandy Cocktails I’ve tried in a while.

Somewhere around this time, looking around the bar, I noticed it was dominated by couples, and most of them were cuddling or making out. :blush: It’s not like this was Valentine’s Day, and it was probably just coincidence but either way, the Trick Dog atmosphere this evening was pretty cozy, chill and relaxed (with our group being the largest group there).

ARN - Stockholm-Arlanda, Stockholm (Elyx Vodka, Luxardo Bitter Bianco, Benedictine, Coconut, Oolong, Strawberry, Lemon. On Crushed Ice.):

Another light, refreshing, and delicious Cocktail! :blush: Like the others, this was quite balanced, and was as easy-drinking as the KIK. Notes of Strawberry and Lemon with a bit of Oolong Tea were coming through in just the right amount.

PIK - Prestwick, Glasgow (Cutty Sark Prohibition Scotch, Campari, Banana, Orange Pekoe, Islay Falernum Bitters. On a Big Ice Cube.):

Stronger than the previous drinks (this was one of my friend’s orders, a big Scotch drinker), this was still nicely mellowed out and easier-to-drink than many Scotch Cocktails I’ve tried in the past.

Trick Dog with the current Trick Dog Airways theme & menu has put out some of the best Cocktails we’ve had around the city these past few visits. Their Cocktails are well-composed and balanced, never tasting overly boozy, with interesting flavors that exude natural fruit flavors (like Lychee in the KIK, or Strawberry & Lemon in the ARN). P.C.H. has more tropical-leaning drinks and louder, rowdier vibe, but both places are a lot of fun. We can’t wait to try out another bar from the FTC recommendations next! :slight_smile:

Trick Dog
3010 20th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel: (415) 471-2999


This is SO off-topic but I have to chuckle when I read (great) things like this. We were living ‘up the hill’ in Noe Valley (when it was the rare person who knew where NV was). We used to go to dinner a good bit in the Mission much less where you were. Our friends were so concerned that we went to such a “dangerous” nabe. Their loss. And it’s so funny to us how cool everything there is. I love it.


Yeah Trick Dog is one of the greats in the city. I haven’t had their cooked bar bites though and the place gets crowded (and noisy) very easily, but that’s part of the atmosphere.

Nearby are Sasaki and Flour & Water. Both maybe not top priority destination dining places in SF if you’re coming from LA, but good in their own way for those looking for a change of pace. I particularly enjoy Flour & Water for their interesting pasta tasting menu, though I haven’t done it in a while. Trick Dog would be excellent pre or post dinner drinks for both places.

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Hi @beefnoguy,

! I didn’t even realize they had bar snacks, or else we would’ve ordered some. :frowning: I wonder if they’re any good?

Our bartender did say there was a full service restaurant upstairs (and we saw it was busy). Is it the same ownership group then? Have you been?