Great dinner at Dan Tana's

Absolutely love Dan Tana’s. Had a fantastic meal. NY steak, spaghetti and meat sauce, steamed clams with Casamigos Blanco chaser. Service was great as always. The bar room (where we always are sure to sit) was jammed to the gills by 6:15, but we were not rushed, able to shoot the shit with Christian and engage in the usual banter with our favorite waiter Arturo. One of the great LA experiences.


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One of the best restaurants EVAH!!
Thanks Thor!
You have exquisite taste and hope you raised your glass to the big man, Kevin!

Thanks for the kind words. Planning to meet up with Kevin soon.

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Tell Kevin, we miss him and to get his ass back here!


Considering I just saw you big up Bao for dim sum, i’m seriously doubting this place.

Westside dim sum for Bao. Dont know many in the area better. That said, I am no dim sum expert. But as to Tana’s PLEASe doubt away. If you do go be sure to come after 9 and ask to be seated in the back room.

lol if you go to Dan Tanas w/o knowing what it’s about, you will be SERIOUSLY disappointed.

Looks like old school east coast Italian American, complete with undressed spaghetti. Sometimes i crave it being from back there. Carmine’s generally does the trick. But I cook all this stuff so I normally don’t go out for it.

Its nothing like that. It is a one of a kind venue with a great vibe and attitude. Not at all home cooking and pasta is not the thing. Great steak and veal dishes among others. Not overly foodie, but great.

PS: I was being a dick about the back room and after 9. You want to be in the bar room and if you get there after 9 it will be waaaay crowded.

Seriously doubting Dan Tana’s?
Are you F*cking out your mind…

And I suspect you can do a better job than Tana’s.
Other than the fantastic steak the food is rarely better than average - - an industrious monkey could make a better Italian meal at home.
On occasion I love going for the scene/steak but the pastas, and other dishes are beside the point and violently overpriced.

The steak is great. Whitefish is very good. Dark meat chicken Beckerman is outstanding. Steamed clams really good. Not a pasta place for sure, but there are some winning dishes on the menu. That said, Tana’s is about the vibe. And that aint no fucking joke.

All true.
Clams “Arreganata” aka baked clams are not half-bad either.
I just want folks who might read this, and for whom Tana’s is unknown, to be aware that it is a very low QPR. OTOH, I once bought Roger Daltrey a Gin and Tonic there - I don’t care what that drink cost, the value remains with me forever.

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But if you know you wont. Just came from my mother’s. She was there last night. They lost her reservation, but she stayed cool and they had her seated in the bar room within 15 min. The group was in their 80s and had a great time. That said, she (mom) said a group of her friends who dont get it, hate it. This is a polorizing place but if you like it, one of a kind.

and that aint no fucking joke!

Love ya Kev.

I might get thrown out of this board, but if it was my last meal, Tana’s and La Barbaras would be on a short list - and obviously completely different. Probably, I would do something else but just sayin …

I might let Bob choose???

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When I return to LA . Dan T’s will be on top of my list . Never have been . Sounds like good food , booze , and service . I’m in .

Tana’s, man. First time. The Dabney Coleman will haunt my dreams. What a place.


God I f’n love Dan Tana’s. Just had my fifth or sixth perfect meal there tonight. A perfect martini. A perfect veal parmigiana. A terrific caesar salad. One of the better steaks in this city. All in an incredibly fun, lively and legendary feeling setting. Such a fantastic spot.

Did you read the @kevin piece on the Tana’s barkeep?

I know it was published the semi-perennially despised and disparaged un-bucolic quadragenarian rag the LA Weekly…but still…its fucking Kevin

I think @kevin has figured out how to possess various FTCers. Helper Monkey was just the latest victim :smiley: