Great Lounge / Bars with Nice View or Ambiance?


Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a great Lounge / Bar with a Nice View or Great Ambiance at night? Ideally the drinks are actually good, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember the top of the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown L.A. with its rotating bar (and 360 degree views of L.A.). But IIRC, their drinks were awful / mediocre, but it’s been years.

Same for Yamashiro in Hollywood. Japanese castle with a view of L.A., but their drinks were pretty bad I think.

If no view, if it’s a great place to chill and catch up with friends, that’s fine as well.

How’s WP24? (I know they have the crazy overpriced Chinese food there, but how’s the bar / view?)


WP24 is great. Drinks are good (sake and cocktails are pricey).

Perch in DTLA has fantastic views, but the food is nothing to crow about, even though the cocktail menu does offer some interesting options every once in a while.


Nobu Malibu


Thanks @ipsedixit @tailbacku.

Ipse, with the winter nights is Perch a viable option right now? Or better for spring / summer / fall?

@tailbacku for Nobu Malibu, same question: Malibu usually hits 40 - 50 degrees F at night. Do you think it’s still a good place to hit in this season for late night drinks?

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I wouldn’t go tonight (when even kites don’t want to go out) but I think it’s really nice during a crisp winter night. They have those heaters, and for some reason for me the views always seem sharper (like in 5k) when the weather is a bit on the cool side.

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I wouldn’t go to Nobu for late night drinks, especially in the winter. Nobu really shines for daytime drinking.

Check out EP+LP in Weho. They do some interesting cocktails there and have plenty of heaters on the rooftop deck. Agree with Ipse that Perch is another great choice.


Penthouse at the Huntley, Erwin Hotel roof, Casa del Mar (Catch), Shutters, Loews Hotel bar, Lobster, Perch, Mondrian Hotel, Standard Hotel, Sunset Tower Hotel, London roof and so on


I’ll second Perch. Food is decent if unremarkable but cocktails are solid and the view is pretty epic. Yes, they’ve got those heaters.

No view to speak of but, if you can get past the ridiculously twee name, Tenants of the Trees in Silver Lake has a very cool and stylish outside bar area, complete with (unsurprisingly) trees and a restored Citroen van that they’ve turned into a bar. Solid cocktails.

Warning: if your tolerance for hipper-than-thou types is low, I’d avoid.

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Thanks @yogachik. I realize I should’ve clarified my original post: Which one of those bars you listed are also still good for late night drinks? Thanks.

Nobu Malibu

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The bar at Vibrato is great if you are there early

Hi @ipsedixit and all,

Do you know how busy Perch gets at about 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night? I called and found out that they don’t take reservations for drinks / appetizers (only the restaurant level), and their last seating is 10:30 p.m.

They said they usually have a line forming outside to get in around 9 p.m., but how is it past 11 p.m.?


Peak time is usually around 11 p.m. on Fri/Sat. But the lines move pretty quickly, even tho it might look long (in length and time). By around 1 a.m. there’s usually no line, but then it is 1 a.m.

Thanks @ipsedixit. Noted.

Stopped by Perch as it was on my way from Little Sister to where I’m staying. View is indeed epic. Pinot grigio was fine, seats were comfy, drink prices seemed modest given the view, nice soundtrack ranging from Django to mellow French pop and dance music. On my way out one of the security guys warned me that it’s a very different scene on the weekend.


Thanks @robert. So there wasn’t a long line to get in?

Then again, you said it was a weeknight. Thanks for the report back.

Monday night a little after 10 pm, just walked right in and there was one seat left.

Then I’ll def be visiting on the weeknight! Great view, thanks for the info.

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