Great Meal @ AOC last night

Good to hear these positive reviews. After a couple recent misses, looks like I need to give them another shot.

Hear, hear…


Is that a star anise in the G&T?
All summer long I have been making a fresh rosemary and star anise G&T.
I copied it from one I had (with @J_L) at Otono when they first opened. A very delicious drink with a great bouquet.


Memories of the G&T menu at Coqueta in SF!!

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We learned in northern spain where they add a ton of aromatic spices, so just add whatever you have… pimento, tons of rind, clove, star anise, mace.


Feeling totally out of touch and lost. Just booked AOC again for a friday evening due to lack of creativity. No, don’t want Bari… Animal closed… Mozzaplex pissing me off… almost threw my hands up and went for Carlito’s for a steak and some vibes… Needs to be between AOC and Highland… anywhere north of Wilshire. Something really tastyyyyyyy… Halp i’m


Definitely angler!

Also some other good ones tesse, petit trios, Connie and teds, Jon and vinnys, Norah, Oste, son of a gun, and republique (although you just went).

Just had an amazing dinner at chi spacca although I was boycotting the place for a min






horses x2


Whoa! Thanks to both! I’m the old Pikey spot too? Booked!

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The Boudin Basque was my personal highlight on my visit last week. Also the beans that came with the swordfish. They used to have beans as a standalone starter which were delicious

Marsala Custard is my favorite dessert and I loved the guava sorbet bellini

@PorkyBelly i tried ordering the persimmon w/ caramel but persimmons weren’t ready. So bummed about that lol


You’re talking about Horses there?

Yeah horses. I didn’t take any pictures though

Wait I took some dessert pics

Sheepsmilk cheesecake with grappa roasted pear

Guava Sorbet Bellini (the champagne sat a second before taking the picture but it was definitely full of bubbles and life)


sorry, turned into a jack… hope we have a Horses thread to migrate into

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Oh ha! I forgot this was an aoc thread

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Not last night (more like last month) but again, AOC delivered a fantastic experience.

AOC on West 3rd was one of the first memorable meals I had when I moved back to LA years ago, and while the food hasn’t changed much—consistency is a strong positive—and there are definitely more exciting places I’ve eaten, my friends and I always have a great time to the point where it’s become an accidental tradition that we eat there at least once a year.

This was a pre-holidays dinner and we finally hit for the cycle and were seated upstairs where we’d never dined before.

Farmer’s Plate & Charcuterie Board

As always, this is where we start, and like usual we’re subtly impressed.

Tomato Focaccia

I lobbied for the mushroom but was out voted. Nonetheless it was still a good choice.

Spanish Fried Chicken

Never ever make the mistake of ordering only one.

Roast Cauliflower

Still my favorite thing on the menu (that’s not fried chicken). An absolute banger.

Young Broccoli

Yes, even though we’re effectively ordering chicken nuggets we’re also grown ups so we eat our veggies too.

Short Rib

Super rich, tender, and a great way to make sure we were stuffed.

We’ll be back.


In beforetimes, I’d hang out at the bar for snacks and drinks. Always had cocktails to go with my fried chicken…never thought to be responsible and add veggies. Maybe next time.