Great Meal @ AOC last night

We had a great meal at AOC last night. It has been a few years since I have been back and it is really solid. We had about 8 small dishes and everything was super fine. With all the new places that are crying out to be tried it is always great to return to a place that does things well, year after year.

Notable Dishes
summer vegetable niçoise, anchovy brown butter & opal basi
peaches, dandelion, burrata, cumin & almonds
spanish fried chicken, romesco aïoli & chili-cumin butter
pappardelle, morels, garlic, spinach & pecorino
grilled arctic char, couscous, nectarines, yogurt & pistachio1
pork belly, roasted romano beans, romesco & marconas


Love AOC. Those are good choices. One of the best patios in town as well.

The pappardelle was sublime. The pasta was perfectly soft and chewy.

sounds pretty fucking dope. how’s the new surroundings ???

but what about desserts ???

possible to get pappardelle without pecornios ???

we were too full for fucking desserts

I do not know if they will make substitutions.

Glad you liked the return CiaoBob! :smile:

We love AOC as well, and glad it’s still very solid. Love the peaches with burrata, and spanish fried chicken.

How did the arctic char turn out? perfectly cooked?

AOC is so awesome! I love the chicken and my other favorite is the black rice dish. So good! Glad you had such a good meal.

Any recent reports? Made reservations for Mom’s 70th birthday. It’s been a while for me. Hoping it’s still solid.

We had an impromptu dinner for six last August and it was solid. I wondered what took me so long to come back?

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Good to hear, thanks.

Maybe my favorite happy hour in this area… the bar is cozy and the long communal high table next to it is very useful… went there with several people last month after witnessing their marriage and it was so nice. really love AOC… the whole aesthetic is just right for me.


I was there for lunch yesterday. The food is always good.

It’s serviceable but I don’t go out of my way to go there anymore

Pretty much sums up our dinner last night. Everything was OK but nothing was crave worthy to make me want to go back. The patio sure is lovely though.

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We just had 4 fantastic dishes. Actually way more impressed than our last 2 visits.

I’m sure you know the clams. The saucing is just nuts! Very rich seafood stock

Gnocchi with lobster sauce is nice and well seasoned

Fig, cheese, speck flatbread was a lovely snack

The duck was shockingly tender, couldn’t get over the combination of the sweet and tart sauce working with the gruyere of the gratin

Ms Styne working the room with the good vibes


We were at AOC last night as well - on the same patio! Could have been a mini FTC meet up :slight_smile:
It was a wonderful dining experience, summer corn salad, fried chicken, black rice, clams were great!
They do not allow corkage at the moment, so I got to explore their full wine list (not the short printed version). Borgo Del Tiglio Sauvignon ($130) was perfect!

I went through the wine list as well though since we already had a Thacher GSM at home we just had one Gin tonico

That’s great! Which ones were you?

(dig the caviar in your avi… i’m from the caspian sea and that stuff gives me all sorts of emotions)

We were a group of 5 people by the fireplace in the middle, probably very loud.
The caviar thing is actually a photo of a desert dish from Ortolan (which i still miss very much)


oh cool! definitely saw your party… not loud at all. we were the couple at the window by 3rd st acting like adults without their kid for the first time in ages :slight_smile:

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