Great non-perishable condiments

Hi, everybody! I’m thinking of starting a business selling great condiments that are hard to find. Do you have any favorite condiments that you have trouble finding near where you live? I’m looking for hot sauces, chili pastes, or other ready-to-use condiments like non-perishable barbecue sauces, salsas and chutneys that aren’t mass-produced or normally found in supermarkets, and have a fairly long shelf life until they’re opened. Secondarily, I would also be interested in products that can be used in cooking, such as spice rubs or other seasonings. Any information you can give me about the names of products, what they are and what makes them special, the name of the manufacturer and their address or at least the name of the town where they’re produced, and their website, if they have one (though if they have no web presence, that’s great!) would be really helpful to me in researching more products that could meet my high standards. It doesn’t matter what country the items are from; if they’re great and don’t require refrigeration before opening, I’m interested.

Not what you’re asking but I’m hard pressed to think of condiments that DO require refrigeration before opening. I have pretty well stocked Asian and Latino groceries nearby and I really can’t think of anything. So that should make your job easier :slight_smile:

Bates & Schmitt cider vinegar and “balsamic”

I know about a lot of those condiments. I cook a lot of Indian and Indian-influenced food with spices from Dual on 1st Av. just south of 6th St. in Manhattan, for example. But you make a good point: Not every place has a store where they can easily get good garam masala or ancho chili powder. Actually, a really unusually fantastic garam masala would be something I’d be interested in, although for my own home cooking, I’ve been quite satisfied with the formula Dual sells.

Thanks, Robert. I’ll look into that brand.

In my book, good garam masala is ground fresh from whole spices.

Of course that’s always best.

Any other suggestions of products to look at?

Amba would be nice.

A good Worcestershire sauce would be nice, other than the supermarket brands.

I had some housemade Worcestershire sauce somewhere that was surprising.

Yes, I was surprised when I first tasted a Worcestershire that wasn’t Lea & Parrens.

Glory brand sauces, from Singapore. Really good, and hard to find at most Asian markets here in SoCal. Their Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce is the best ready-made version I’ve found anywhere. The sambals are also very good. I’ve brought jars back from Singapore too.

Chilli Crisp – good on noodles, fried rice, mixed with soy sauce for dumplings, with eggs, etc.

Maggi Hot and Sweet Sauce – an Indian version of a thin, spicy ketchup. Goes great with anything you would eat ketchup with.

Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce – The sauce from the famous chicken chain. I like the medium and hot versions.

English style pickle – I usually get the Branston’s brand pickle from Cost Plus World Market. It’s great with some English style cheddar. I used to be able to find the smaller sandwich version, which has smaller diced pieces of veggies instead of the larger cubes, but I haven’t been able to find it locally anymore.

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Thanks for the interesting suggestions. Singapore is one of the world’s great food cities, so having a particular brand name to look for is great. By the way, I used to live in Malaysia and love all types of food you can get there. I wish I knew how to get in touch with someone who makes a great ayam percik sauce in Kelantan, but maybe that’s barking up the wrong tree because of course it’ll always be better made fresh, and it needs some fresh herbs native to Kelantan.

frommtron, anyone’s amba you particularly like? And Bookwich, any particular Worrcestershire sauce manufacturers you recommend?

boogiebaby, who makes Chilli Crisp? Do you mean these products on the Glory Foods website Super Hot Crispy Sambal Anchovies and Super Hot Crispy Sambal Shrimp?

And whose Maggi sauce do you like best? Thanks a lot - still in the investigation stage, in between all my music work.

MD brand chili sauces from Sri Lanka.

There’s also an Extra Hot one.

Worcestershire Sauce, Wine Country Kitchens, Napa Valley.


Chilli Crisp is not made by Glory. It’s a Chinese condiment.

This is the Maggi Hot and Sweet Sauce from India I’m talking about.

Thanks. I’ve seen Chilli Crisp before, and I’ve probably bought it at Hong Kong Supermarket before, but if you happen to know the name of the company that makes it, let me know.

Thanks for all the pictures, everyone. That’s very helpful!