Great pizza comin to Brentwood

Brentwood has been a pizza desert forever…at least the last 25 years that i know about…thats about to change…a new pizzeria has been under “construction” for at least a year but until recently, theres been minimal progress…the opening is in sight…not sure when but Pizzana, owned by successful “cupcake” people(sorry, i forgot who they are), has a pizzaiolo from Naples named Danielo? Daniele? whom Ive been assured will be making pizza unsurpassed hereabouts…i’ll keep an eye on it!..on San Vicente just west of Barrington on south side of street


Yay to $22 margherita pies!!


Hey, if it’s a big pie and will satiate 2 adults, I might be up for it. Who knows? :wink:

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Always game for new iterations.

thanks for the info.

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Nice info @lapizzamaven. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Let me know how it stacks up to your favs. :slight_smile: Hopefully it’s great.

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tailbacku, did you see a menu…i dont think margherita pies will be that expensive…im assuming thats just your sarcasm…if your “handle” means youre an SC alum, you can afford it…ive been guaranteed it will be great pizza by people i trust!

paranoidgarliclover, not likely big pies and i doubt a margherita will be that $$$

not really, got student loans to pay bro. 6.99 POTD is all USC alumni can afford.

Founders of Sprinkles are behind Pizzana

understood but my comment was for Tailbacku which i correctly or incorrectly assumed was USC then made a weak attempt at humor regarding affordability to an alum…either way, i sure aint paying $50 for veal parm!

Ha yes it was sarcasm. And yes, I am indeed an SC alum.

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its tough to recognize sarcasm these daze…at least we’re on the same page!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s already amazing pizza in Brentwood: with their Marra Forma Wood burning oven, imported from Italy

dont really agree, yogachik…my friends trained the people originally ay Piccolo verde…it was sold(im pretty sure) and the oven is like giving Mr Magoo a Ferrari to drive…wait till Pizzana opens, im sure you’ll see its a different animal!