Great price on USDA Prime brisket

The Van Nuys Costco has whole USDA Prime briskets for $2.85/lb! I’ve never even seen Prime brisket before let alone for that kind of price. Granted its a big hunk of meat, anywhere from 10 to 16 pounds, and its not trimmed, but I smoke the point, corn the flat, and freeze the excess fat to use when I grind burgers. For those of us who have smokers this is a great deal.


Yeah, it’s a great deal. Purchased it a couple of times when they were running the specials.

Yes, it is a great deal when they have it, which is not very often. Bought one a month ago to make a brisket recipe from the AOC cook book for a party for 12 people. Turned out great with leftovers for sandwiches for several days.

It may be an occasional special at Van Nuys, but it’s regularly available at other locations. I’ve been buying them at various Costcos for well over a year.

Good to know.

MdR Costco only had Choice flat cut - no whole brisket as of yesterday. I think it was $3.59/lb? Great looking flats, but no points.

Flats are fine for braising or corning, but I haven’t had any luck smoking them. Usually Van Nuys just has flats as well, but they have sold me whole briskets when I ask.
They are also stocking whole pork bellies now for a great price. Made bacon and rillons out of the last one.

If the meat section has Prime meats, they likely have Prime briskets. Also, some places sell out pretty quickly. If I don’t see any where there are Prime meats sold, I’ve asked people in the meat department to find out when they get them.

The larger Prime briskets can smoke up nicely. I’ve had some good success with them.

FWIW, I never buy just the flat. Depending on the size of the flat, the price for a trimmed flat is only a little less than a whole packer.

Saw the Prime whole brisket for $2.79/lb today at the MdR Costco. Average price for the whole is around low to mid $40 range.