Great quesadillas @ Pico and 3rd

On Pico at Third Ave, there’s a lady who’s there most nights making tacos and quesadillas. However she makes her own tortillas large and small by hand with corn masa. They’re delicious. Tonight I had a quesadilla with pork chili verde and it was quite yummy. Her taco table seems to have the Mexican equivalent of wok hei, Her tortillas, which are very thin, can get some little bits of char on them for flavor.


Nice. So this is in Santa Monica? What are the hours?

Sorry, I forgot there was Pico and Third in SaMo. This is in mid-city between Crenshaw and Arlington. She seems to be there by 7-ish and was still there tonight about 10:30 but I’ve seen her close earlier.

Pico and 3rd are parallel streets in mid-city. I am genuinely curious where this wonderful quesadilla cart is haha But I guess you can find it by just driving between Crenshaw and Arlington. No sign or anything right?,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90019

LA has 13 Avenues which sort of start south of 8th street. Some of them go as far south as 108th. She is on the southwest corner of 3rd Ave at Pico Bl. Yes, there’s no sign.

That is wild, the avenues are really small. I have never noticed them before haha

She is right by Ham Ji Park! And Tacos La Guera!