Great Shrimp, Crab or Calamari Dishes?


Just wondering if people had recommendations for restaurants for great Shrimp, Crab and/or Calamari dishes. Can be anywhere from Downtown LA through Hollywood to the West Side.


Mentai Squid Butter Udon @ Marugame Monzo because sometimes you need to be reminded what rich and unctuous (in a good, foodie way) really mean.

Deep fried shrimp @ Seafood Express when it’s the 20th of the month, and you realize your food budget is not going to last another ten (or much less 11) more days.

Shrimp wontons @ Pine and Crane because every once in a while you need to find your inner ABC-hipster self.

And n/naka. I’ve got nothing witty here. Just n/naka.


Jitlada for their Dungeness crab in garlic/chili sauce and with crispy spicy basil. And the shrimp with tea leaves.
Belacan Grill in Tustin for their belacan crab and pepper crab. And their curry leaf shrimp.

Coni’seafood for all their shrimp dishes, camarones a la pimienta being one of my favorites.

Kiriko does tasty things with crab and shrimp. It’s been a while since I had their deep fried sawagani crab, though.

But right now, heed this warning: Don’t eat Dungeness crab, California health department warns

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The. grills crab Louise

And if soft shell crab season is over over over fucking extended then that too.

Little Jewels fried shrimp po boy.

Jitlada’s soft shell crab curry

Seafood Palaces garlic typhoon shelter crab.

Newport Seafoods eponymous fucking lobster.

Tanas feied calamari.

LobstaTruck lobster roll.

Gulstreams crab cakes.

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I really liked the shrimp in spicy sausage romesco broth that I had at Maré recently. I’d like to go back and try their other broth choices (leek and white wine, tomato fennel, pistou, or vadouvan curry & green apple) as well.

(sorry about the blown highlights on the pasta and egg)

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Yes. Stop fucking blowing them damn highlights !!!

How many times do we have to tell you ???

I know, I know. I’m such a fuck up. :sob:

Forgot to add:
Dungeness crab roll (on the left) from Knuckle & Claw.

La Española’s house paella.

Coni’Seafood’s Cucarachitas.


dear god yes


add: Ginga Kogen beer and I can die happy.

Since Newport Seafood has been mentioned, their salt and pepper shrimp or squid/calamari dish is also fantastic. My mom loves the shrimp…perfectly pan-fried and you can suck the heads after ripping them off the bodies. I like that you can just eat the whole thing…no, I enjoy the delights of shrimp heads, too.


Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. And the warning on crabs being off limits for a while (yikes).

Any more suggestions on great calamari dishes while we’re at it?


I need that paella. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Reminds me that I need to try this place! Did you need to make a reservation?

Does calamari have to be fried? If not, Wally’s was pretty good (but rather precious and kind of pricey).

Nope, they only take reservations for large parties. Plus we were there right when they opened on a Thursday, so there was only one other couple.

Here are a couple of calamari dishes that I had last month @ Ulysses Voyages at the Original Farmers Market (3rd/Fairfax) that were surprisingly good. The fried calamari had a very good coating that was fried correctly and the grilled octopus was very tasty as well.


for some things that are more casual:

i am a big fan of the shrimp po’ boy at orleans and york.
also, for mexican shrimp coctel, go to mariscos chente in lennox (near the corner of inglewood and century blvd)
if you don’tmindsome mussels in the mix, try the korean Spicy Seafood Soup noodles at Lee’s Noodles at 401 S Vermont Ave
Ste 1
Los Angeles, CA 90020

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Thanks @paranoidgarliclover. No it doesn’t have to be fried. Thanks for the rec! :smile:

You too can has the paella - Call this Friday to reserve X raciones of the paella for pick-up on Saturday!

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Just the West Coast crabs. Kegani and crab from Hokkaido are certainly not verboten.

Oh wait (evil smirk)… Yeah, that’s the ticket… Yeah - ALL crabs are off limits… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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