Great Tacos - TJ

Tried a new to me place in TJ last week for tacos.

Ave Negrete
Between Calle 2nd and 3rd

We had both the fish tacos and shrimp tacos and I’d say they are among the best of the genre that I’ve eaten in TJ. Their jamaica was awfully good as well. Tacos were about $.95 and piled high with fish or shrimp.

I didn’t get real good photos since I was facing into the sunlight, but here’s a shot of my shrimp taco with a bite out of it. Open air place, mostly locals.

Really good, give 'em a go next time you’re south of the border


Glad you clarified.

This n00b would’ve thought that’s how they served them in TJ.

Where’s the fold? Looks like you held the taco like a pizza.

Too bad it’s in TJ, I mean how many hours to get back in the US?

Overstuffed taco…pick it up, fold it, then eat.

Wait was less than 20 minutes when we returned. I have Sentri, so no wait at all.

I have been heading down to TJ on weekday nights for tacos, been enjoying the adobada at Tacos Franc (Frank?)

Sure wish it were as easy for all to just pop down there for tacos.