Greatest pizza maker and greatest bread maker collaborate

Chad Robertson, Elisabeth Prueitt, and Chris Bianco’s New L.A. Complex Is a Huge Deal

Bianco says he’s not even sure he should be calling what he’s doing with Robertson pizza. To be clear: This is absolutely pizza, cooked in PizzaMaster ovens from Sweden, but it’s also something new.

Here’s how Bianco describes the dough: “If you took Chad’s epic Tartine country loaf and now you could stretch it to whatever the fuck. You just had some beautiful, fermented, sour, delicious bread that you could now shape. It’s kind of like making music in a way. You take those notes and kind of put it together.”

The country’s greatest pizza (Chris Bianco) and the country’s best bread maker (Chad Robertson) collaborate for a new type of pizza specific to LA at their upcoming location in downtown. This is very intriguing. It seems like they’re out for something in the vein of what Nancy Silverton did with pizza, where the crust becomes a whole new animal.


Brings me back to this classic

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Was the sexual innuendo intentional? lol.