Green Acres, Simi Valley - Excellent Santa Maria Style BBQ Tri-Tip Sandwich

I recently happened upon Green Acres, a market / deli / BBQ joint in Simi Valley. After a quick search on yelp, my curiosity was reassured by the high ratings from 300+ reviewers. Decided to take the plunge and grabbed a quick bite for lunch, ordered the tri-tip sandwich with the jus on the side.

I’m by no means an expert in Santa Maria style bbq which is what they specialize in but WOW this sandwich was excellent. Served on a light crusted roll (similar to what’s used for cheesesteaks in Philly), thinly sliced tri-tip still pink in the center, light smear of BBQ sauce - this combination just packs an wallop of smoky goodness. Kinda like sipping on smoky Islay single malt for the first time. The jus was a great accompaniment; deep, dark, savory and with a good peppery kick. Imagine a french dip on steroids.

Highly recommended!


My coworker, who lives in Simi, swears by this place. I keep meaning to try it.

A bit of a hike for most however definitely worth checking out if you are in the area. Did I mention … it’s only $7.99!

That’s one tasty lookin sandwich. So far away though…

We’ve kept this review in the back of our minds since January and we finally checked it out on a recent Sunday. We really appreciate the great review and will be back, especially as it is on the closer, east, side of Simi. We both had BBQ Tri-tip sandwiches and I look forward to trying other items as well. The meat was nicely smoked with the tell tale ring and served on grilled garlic bread which was a great touch. There are a few different BBQ sauces to try and available hot sauce to up the heat level to preference which I always appreciate. We had the chili beans as a side and they were very good. The eating area is a casual big patio and an environment where I enjoyed feeling the happy diversity of the LA area.


@heidi Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the report back

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Ooh, that looks like the real deal. Lived on the central coast for three years, proximate to Jocko’s in Nipomo. Santa Maria tritip was one of the few good things about living there. Glad to find, thru FTC, a place closer by for SMBBQ. When we were on the central coast our favorites were at Rancho Nipomo and Firestone Grill in SLO. I’m drooling on my iPad.

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I was lucky enough to work on a Walter Matthau movie that shot in Santa Maria. We took him to Jocko’s and he was hooked. His son, Charley, came to town and was chiding his father about cholesterol; Walter had had several heart attacks. Walter told him, “Charley this kind of thing is what’s keeping me alive!” Jocko’s would hold a table for him, something I understand is very rare for them.
Cold Spring Tavern, on the 154 just north of Santa Barbara, has really good Santa Maria style tri-tip on weekends. Its a beautiful place as well, Parking is roadside and pretty crazy however.


Here is my home version. I start it on the smoker with mesquite charcoal and red oak chunks until it hits 110. Transfer to the grill with the coals piled high so it is as hot as I can make it and sear until it hits 125. Rest for five minutes and serve!

I tie it so it cooks more evenly.

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Jocko’s did not hold tables. Maybe for Mathau. Our trick was to go to lunch on Sunday, the only day they operated the outdoor up and down grill before dinner, and therefore you could get a steak at lunch cooked on the outdoor grill, and not wait 2 hours (one if you reserved). That, a martini that was all gin, and a nap. Lovely Sunday.