Green Kitchen Shoe Horns Into Former Candy Store Location in Front of Hawaii Supermarket

For those of you familiar with Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel, you know that the store stops short of Valley Blvd. and that there is another unit that actually fronts on Valley Blvd. That space was most recently occupied by Mrs. Charming’s Cake Boutique, but for years before it was home to a series of preserved plum/candy shops. Well Mrs. Charming is gone, replaced by Green Kitchen, a sit down restaurant with a kitchen that takes up almost the entire footprint of the space, but has a narrow L-shaped dining area with room for about five tables. I"m totally amazed that they could fit a restaurant in there as I visited that space numerous times over the years. Only had time to get a selection from the cold vegetarian table, with the Sichuan shredded bean curd being very good. Very nice lady runs the place–she even offered to let me take one of her laminated menus (she only had a handful) if I wanted. 120 E. Valley Blvd., just east of Del Mar.