Greenville, NC and Eastern NC

Anybody here from East NC? I miss the old Chowhound thread. Naco? Veganhater?

Anyway, I’ll start with a few suggestions for Greenville, NC and the surrounding area. Add yours?

  1. Barbecue: Yes, Skylight Inn is the best, but Bum’s can be equal for the pork and superior for the sides.
  2. Sakura Asian Express: hidden Singapore gem on Memorial. Get the Curry Noodle soup.
  3. NC Spices: best Indian in town, I’d say, and very good for any town. Slow service, though.
  4. Farm-to-table / “fine” dining: since Chef and the Farmer went down, nothing really stands out, but Soco is the best we’ve got.
  5. Mexican: Mario’s for tacos, El Azador for chicken, El Rancho for tortas and soups. Anita’s isn’t bad either.

What do y’all like to eat around here?