Group dinner on westside

Looking for a restaurant on the westside for a group of about 5 women. We need a place that is open to at least 10pm on a weekday and is a nice atmosphere that won’t mind us hanging out for a while. We’ve been to a bunch of places on the westside (Rose Cafe, Sunnin, Lukshon, Locando Positano, Tangaroa to name a few).

Any recommendations? Gjelina seemed like an obvious option, but they don’t have any reservations open for next week. I don’t want anything Italian…nothing too heavy. I end up eating too much and feeling like crap.


rustic canyon
hatchet hall

I tried Rustic Canyon once, but I think they don’t allow reservations for groups? Or maybe they just make you get a prix fixe. I forget what it was, but marked them off my mental list for some reason. Maybe I’ll call again and see what the story is.

Hatchet Hall is too meaty for one of my friends, unfortunately.

rustic canyon takes reservations for a group of 5

Yeah, I’m thinking about it more and I think when I tried to reserve before it was for a larger group. I do love that place and have not been in over 5 years.

How about one the new Rafael Lunetta place? Lunetta all day - my mom went recently with friends and really enjoyed it.

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Cassia is another option

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oh nice. The food looks really clean and fresh at Lunetta. I like the look of Cassia too!

imho, hatchet hall is solidly in the very, very, heavy category.
lavish use of fat in most dishes.
so, when deedub says “nothing too heavy” makes me think that hatchet hall would not fit the criteria.

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A few more choices for you: Chaya Venice, Fig, Tar & Roses, The Mar Vista, and The Tasting Kitchen.


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Belle Vie

Rustic Canyon, you can make reservations for up to six online.