Casa Fuerte - Tlaquepaque

I was glad to see this longtime favorite made it through Covid. In contrast to the somewhat international / European-influenced cuisine at a lot of local restaurants, the menu’s traditional local dishes, with some modern touches but sticking to the traditional flavors. Video linked above has good shots of the lovely atrium dining area.

Butter is wrapped in corn husk. Tostadas are as thin as pappadum.

That red salsa is seriously hot.

Ensalada de nopal: the cactus is cooked and served warm, reminded me of green beans.

Torta de elote, savory version with chile sauce, similar to spoon bread.

Chile relleno con queso. No batter so lighter than the usual. The crunchy masa bowl for the beans was a nice touch.

They also have a cold chile relleno filled with squash blossom and topped with salsa de nuez that’s a riff on chiles en nogada.

Tamarind frozen margarita, free with main course. Refreshing.

Torta de elote, dessert version. Same cake but with a sweet sauce and some sweet crunchy bits.

Guanabana mousse with black sapote sauce. Nice. Not going to get that at home!

Service is good and friendly. English menus if you want / need one.


Cenaduría Doña Guille - Villaseñor

Neglected to take photos. Apparently a favorite among locals. Funny modern decor, some people complain that it’s not funky like a typical cenaduria. Flauta, sope, boned pig foot, pan de elote all good. An agua fresca of jamaica (hibiscus) and guayaba was surprisingly good, refreshing and not too sweet.