Guatemalan Food in MacArthur Park (street food)

After 5pm everyday at 6th and Bonnie Rae.
A combo plate with 2 sides and tortillas is $5, add ons $1-2. Cups of pineapple juice and passion fruit juice, about $2. High QPR. Food is better than Guatemalteca (my only other reference for this type of food).

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and Clothes.

Grilled Asada add on Longaniza and Hard Boiled Egg. Great smoke flavor. My two sides were rice and beans.

Chile Relleno. Filled with some ground meat and veg mixture. Sides of chow mein and macaroni salad. Good.

Braised Beef with Squash. Hearty but light.

Unlike anything else in this city since Mexican is the dominant street food in this city.

This was on a weekday and there is more vendors on the weekends.



Also saw a vendor frying up some fries and chicken and squeezing like 3 different sauces.

Another had chicken soup.