Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

awww… i think it’s quaint to think about parking costs when spending what this place charges. :stuck_out_tongue:

big thanks for the first review though… makes me want to go.


No Sergio? Not good. Hard resys? Not good. Parking? Not bad. Darn about the reservation situation. Does it seem like the type of place to slip in and sit at the bar for the seafood spaghetti, bread, wine?


I suspect you’re not on the speed dial of the sales folks at the local rodeo establishments…


What does “use Resy” mean if they take reservations only by phone?

means the Resy system is still just going online.

I don’ t see a Resy link on their website or find the restaurant on Resy.

it means they use the resy system (i received a resy email confirmation and the reservation showed up in my resy account) but it’s not available to the public to make reservations themselves. you must call to make a reservation.

Interesting choice.

I wonder if Gucci encouraged them to make the prices offensive on purpose for #branding?

It’s Beverly Hills branding. Everything must be expensive.


yes and also into a new stratosphere of price.


Okay, I’m almost never in this part of town, but, next time I am, I think Ima gonna try the spaghetto cacciucco since that sounds delish, have the free bread, and then maybe do a bang-bang at Angler for more bread… And then I will skip lunch for the rest of the week to make up the $$$ deficit. :wink:


i’m as big a QPR guy as anyone but it strikes me as silly to complain about the prices of a restaurant in Beverly Hills with the not so budget brand ‘Gucci’ in the title. Hopefully in the end the food is good and they figure out how to answer the reservation line

Pretty sure in this case Sergio is Mattia Agazzi not the NOD (Name on Door) MassimoB.


Hi @aaqjr,

I agree generally: It’s Beverly Hills, it’s Gucci, what do you expect? :wink: But at the same time, $50 for a Burger (with no flashy toppings (like Foie Gras or White Truffles, etc.)), and as @PorkyBelly also reported, $20 for a quenelle of Sorbet is a bit outrageous, even considering the branding.

But I guess if folks don’t mind those prices, then more power to them.

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to be fair i’m pretty sure there was other ‘stuff’ on that sorbet plate besides the sorbet (chamomile meringue, diced rhubarb/strawberry?) -they aren’t giving you one scoop of sorbet in a cup. I’m not saying it’s a great deal I just expect the 100% mark up for the location, affiliation and the NOD.

Hopefully the food is good despite all the extra bs but it might not be. It’s def not a lean, hungry arts district restaurant

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Couldn’t determine what this means from an internet search…

Name On Door ie: you are paying for the Massimo Bottura name and Gucci brand

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If this is it, it’s kind of fancy. Anyway if you don’t shop at Gucci they probably don’t care if you eat there, and if you do you don’t care much about QPR.

welp looks like they’re still not answering phones:

Unfortunately there’s no bar, just a tufted red velvet récaimer for you to sit on while you sip your champagne and look pretty after a long day of shopping.