Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

I knew this place would be expensive but I was still shocked at the prices and qpr; it makes angler seem like a bargain. But looking at spago’s prices, maybe par for the course for this area?

bread, butter, almond ricotta, olive oil
The sourdough bread had a soft and fluffy crumb with a great crispy crust but the condiments may have been even better. Loved dipping the bread in the cold, creamy ricotta. One of the best bread courses in the city.

insalata di mare - seafood salad, seasonal rainbow beets
The salad was filled with delicious and perfectly cooked scallops, prawns, razor clams, and calamari. Some of the calamari was fried to provide a nice crunchy contrast that reminded me of croutons, brilliant. Maybe could have used a touch of acid to balance out the sweetness. Highlight @Omotesando

spaghetto cacciucco and scarpetta, shellfish, bottarga, meyer lemon
This was one of the best dishes I’ve had this year. The sauce was described as being made from tomatoes and lobster but it tasted so much more than that. Intense, briny, sweet with just a hint of bitterness from the bottarga? Like the best cioppino broth you’ve ever had but richer, more concentrated and way better. The spaghetti was on the firm side exactly the way I like it. And what might have been my favorite part of the dish was the piece of crunchy and spongy ciabatta (la scarpetta) that came on the side for you to sop up all that sauce. My plate was wiped clean. Must order @Chowseeker1999, @Bookwich, @TheCookie, @NYCtoLA, @butteredwaffles, @A5KOBE, @foodshutterbug

tortellini, parmigiano reggiano sauce
The tortellini was stuffed with veal, pork, and mortadella, and was a bit on the dry side. The pasta was quite al dente bordering on under-cooked. The sauce was delicious but very rich.

emilia burger - beef sirloin, cotechino, salsa verde, balsamic mayonnaise
Just okay, wouldn’t order this again.

cod as milanese, farmer’s market tomato terrine
The flaky moist cod had an incredibly crunchy panko crust. eating this with the tomato terrine reminded me of eating fish sticks and ketchup when I was a kid–in the best possible way.

strawberry fields forever, chamomile meringue
At 20 bucks this was quite possibly the most expensive quenelle of sorbet I’ve ever had. Good but not 20 dollars good.

not toto

Gucci Osteria
347 N Rodeo Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Thanks for the report @PorkyBelly. It seems like the QPR is rather… not there, but with some very good highlights and some not so good?

That Burger is roughly ~$50.00 (after tax & tip) and there’s no bling items on it. :sweat:

Still, the Spaghetti sounds wonderful as does the bread course. Would you return at these prices? Thanks.


This looks very similar to the items at the Florence location. Dishes look great, and honestly, prices are lower than I expected them to be for Gucci, Beverly Hills, and Bottura.

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Tasting menu seems reasonably priced

At $40, the tortellini course seems ridiculously pricey at first but you get more than double the # of tortellini than Osteria Mozza.

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I don’t see bread on that menu–that bread course isn’t free, is it?

hey Porky… can i get a conclusion? on a 10 point scale

I want to be PB when I grow up


Damn those two sentences seem worth the trip alone!!

That and the Cod as Milanese.

I’d be interested to see what the BOH looks like. Cooks from around the world? Mix of local and international? Restaurants here and in SF are having a hard enough time finding solid people but that star power must make for an interesting field of applicants and reservoir of talent.


I want fish sticks with ketchup now. :joy:


Cacciucco is the Tuscan name of the fish soup (called ciuppin in Ligurian dialect) that’s the ancestor of San Francisco’s cioppino. It’s a must-order dish for me any time I see it in Italy. Traditionally when you finish the bowl it’s still about a third full of bones and shells.

Strictly speaking, “spaghetto” should be a single noodle.


if it wasn’t for the bread, seafood salad, and spaghetti i probably wouldn’t return, but they were so good i do want to try more of the menu. just avoid the burger.


the bread and condiments (with free refills) were all “free.”


Was Sergio in da house?


Order an entree and ‘start’ with the endless bread basket. Olive Garden style :joy:


Winner, Winner, Gucci Dinner!

Did it “wield you into new orbits of taste”?

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Yep, I had a really nice meal at Avra recently, but it was almost as high. They do have a $29.95 3-Course Prix Fixe Lunch that probably helps them a lot.


How difficult was it to snag a reservation?

conclusion: come for the perfect 5/7 seafood salad and spaghetti and stay for the endless bread basket.


no sign of sergio on the first night of service at gucci osteria da massimo bottura

couple of other notes:

  • @BlurA14 reservations are only taken over the phone even though they use resy. i would have been fine with this if only they answered their damn phone. it took way too much effort to get ahold of somebody to make a reservation. not sure if they’re holding back on reservations for their gucci gang customers or what. hopefully they’re more responsive now that they’re officially open.

  • there’s free two hour parking around the corner on brighton way if you enter before 6pm; after 6 it’s a $5 flat rate.