Gumri - Armenian Party Food

Our banquet style meals maybe too much but abundance is our way of being hospitable and enjoying the spoils of our work.

Kids running around. Loads of shots going down with course after course some long winded toasts, poems and songs. Fast percussive music with noodle melodies, ladies holding down the dancefloor

They do a good job at Gumri, but you’d have to book a big party

I want to share it to demonstrate what I’ve been saying. When we go to restaurants it’s for an all night thing like this and so we don’t really have too many casual eateries. We are such a big part of the demographic landscape here yet haven’t figured out how to properly showcase our food. Maybe I should quit being a corporate monkey and open an outward facing Armenian grill

Only the sturgeon was messed up. Way over cooked, which is sad because they used good fish here.


What is that first dish?

This place?

Is this a regular hangout for the local godfathers?

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It was a veal stew with peppers for some reason in a bread bowl. A new presentation.

No it’s this one without any websites

Gumri Shish Kabob
13256 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91401
(818) 988-6899

Pleasantly surprised at the website of old Gyumri. I can’t remember tryin it

It’s just for private parties mainly . Nobody hangs out there unless it’s a birthday or a funeral.

Ok, got it mixed up with Old Gyumri. Lots of godfather looking guys there in the private tables


I mean yea, several of us were quite godfatherish last night. I’ve got some fun family


Do it!

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Do they just do parties? Its right down the street from me. I had no idea it was so good.

I’m not really sure about popping in and ordering… it’s not really set up for that… appears to be a banquet only spot… try Old Gyumri or Golden Fork 2 for a place with a menu.

I have been meaning to check out Golden Fork, but I can walk to Gumri. Oh well.

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Hey, next time I’m there for a big party, you’re welcome to join us :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your spread! It looks so amazing.

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I would love that!!!