Gus's Fried Chicken, another terrific review by Kevin



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Damn, that read just made me hungry AF.

You’ll probably like Gus’s as long as you temper your expectations. IMHO Gus’s would have been destination-worthy maybe five years ago – a chicken joint serving respectable fried chicken with a slight kick, and some average to decent sides and pies; and it’s part of a chain too.

What’s common with places that do a lot of deep-frying is serving fried food that has off smells and aftertastes of frying oil that is of unknown type, is rancid and past its prime. This WAS NOT the case with Gus’s - props to them.

Others have already mentioned to avoid their side salads and greens - concur. But then you’re left with not much to choose from other than more fried food items and pies (did not try) for the most part. So in reality, the offerings are pretty slim outside of fried food.


Exactly @bulavinaka!

Go Kev!

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Very nice review; makes me actually interested in going somewhere for chicken that is neither Roscoe’s nor those damn chains. Okay, OTHER chains. As for sides, if there’s an okay coleslaw and a mac’n’cheese whose noodles are neither crunchy nor goo, I’m okay. IF I want greens I know how to cook’em, and I will reserve judgment on those tomatoes.

Nice writing too, Kevin. Good to see you can go three paragraphs without an F-bomb in sight. Fucking awesome!

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Good fried chicken, fried tomatoes and coleslaw, m&c not to my liking, choc. chess pie was really good (both filing and crust) and the service was very friendly. They had a sign up stating “soft opening.”

Parking is in a lot behind the building although we found a spot on the street.