Guu - Vancouver

This popular izayaya chain has seven locations with significant variations among the menus.

Went to Guu with Garlic on Robson hungry after a bike ride around Stanley Park. Lunch includes a choice of two little appetizers from the daily selection.

This tataki appetizer was totally unnecessary, the lunch specials are plenty of food. Everything was good and even without the highly favorable exchange rate would have been a remarkable value.

We went to Guu Garden a couple of times since it was near where we were staying. Lunch wasn’t as crazy cheap as Guu with Garlic but this vegetable bento was still as great deal at $16.80. If we’d called in our order ahead they would have given us $2 off. The oden was really good, particularly the daikon and fluffy fish cake. Nice place to sit outside since it’s on the roof so you don’t see the traffic or hear it as much.