Guy Fieri Is The Official Chef Of The 2016 Super Bowl Tailgate

““We are thrilled to have Guy Fieri as our Celebrity Chef; San Francisco
is Guy’s town so he was our 1st and only choice,” said Kyle Kinnett
spokesperson for Bullseye Event Group.”

I think (I know) I will pass.

That appears to be an event called “Super Bowl Players Tailgate” rather than the general realm of Super Bowl tailgating, and the event in question is actually in Santa Clara.

That’s why I posted it in the SF Board :wink:

Me? I think I’ll run! Away!

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Seems like the perfect fit to me.

I guess it’s close to SF being 45 miles away without traffic .

And how many miles is it with traffic? ;^)

(Actually it is the San Francisco Bay Area board . . . )

Sonoma is Guy’s county, so of course he’s the only choice for an event in Santa Clara.

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