Guy Savoy at the Caesar's Palace

Chef Guy Savoy’s acclaim needs no introduction. Being his only outpost in the US, I’ve bookmarked his namesake restaurant, which garnered 2 macrons back when certain tire company still gave a crap about Vegas, for a long time. So when I had friends visiting from Oregon, it gave me an excuse to hit it up!

On this night, we chose the signature menu, which consist of Guy Savoy’s greatest hits, rather than the more experimental innovation menu. However, I do want to note that the signature menu has now been discontinued and the innovation menu is renamed as the prestige menu.

On we go:

We had to walk to the FAR end of the casino away from hustle and bustle of the crowd to reach this secret staircase.

I couldn’t even tell that this was the restaurant’s entrance! It was about 10 feet away from Caesar’s wedding chapel. Conveniently, I asked my significant other to marry me there before dinner. She said NO. Her loss.

The restaurant has minimalist design and unusually high ceilings.

A stool is given to each of us who had either a camera bag or purse! What service!

The sommelier brought a coffee table over along with the wine list.

Needless to say, we settled for 4 glasses of Krug Rose at $100 each.

Just kidding. We were served their house Champagne…Blanc de Blancs

Keep pouring pleaseeeee

Anything better than bubbles to start?

Amuse #1: Foie Gras Club Sandwich with sea salt and truffle vinaigrette
A very decadent sandwich to say the least! Good start.

Amuse #2: French Slider/Burger with a Parmesan bun and mustard
Despite the size of the burger, I’ve never had a burger this juicy, tender, or flavorful.

Can it get any smaller? GIVE. ME. 50. MORE.

Amuse #3: Black Pepper and Rosemary bread
Warm and fragrant. Good but not great.

Amuse #4: Lobster candy with seaweed granite, lobster consume, and lobster consume ice
Didn’t work for me. I suppose the idea was to have this contrast between the wrapper, lobster meat, and the consume ice?

Massive amount of a variety of bread. Is there a competition for the most bread variety between this place and JR at MGM? We couldn’t decide which bread to try so we asked for a bread pairing and they happily obliged.

Seaweed bread

Server topping off the first course with sabayon

Colors of Caviar | caviar vinaigrette, caviar crème fraîche, golden Ossetra caviar, haricot vert purée, and hot egg sabayon
The idea is for each bite to be different by scooping through multiple layers of complementing flavors. Very good.

Multigrain bread

Next up is a composed soup

Chestnut All Around | glazed chestnut, chestnut puree, fried chestnut, chestnut milk, porcini mushroom
I liked the idea of this course very much in cooking the same ingredient in different ways but flavored were quite muted and I expected the chestnut puree to be quite creamy but it wasn’t.

Onion bread

Red Mullet | black trumpet mushroom, natural jus
Fish was cooked simply and perfectly allowing the natural flavors to shine through. Scales were left on to be seared which created a unique and interesting texture. It was a bit crispy and a little bit chewy in a pleasant way.

Sourdough bread

Our waiter prepping our next course tableside.

Duck consume is steeped with beet root and matcha tea leafs.

Next up is foie gras.

The beet and matcha infused duck consume is the broth for our next course

Foie-Gras “Bitter” Infusion | endives stuffed with kumquats confit
Rather than pairing foie gras with something acidic and sweet, this course complements it with bitterness and contrasts the soft texture of foie with the crispy rice puffs. It was good but I guess I prefer the classics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Extra infused duck consume for us to sip on alongside the course. It’s a very good consume. Very ducky, earthy from the beets, with a touch of bitterness from the matcha.

Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup, Toasted Mushroom Brioche, Black Truffle Butter
It’s insane how flavorful and rich this water based soup is. The hits of black truffle shavings really bolstered the richness and earthiness of artichoke soup. The side of toasted mushroom brioche has amazing flavors. This course was one of the highlight of the night.

Came with a side of Pokemon Go for some poke-gainzzzz

Next up, we have oxtail and filet mignon.

Saucing our plates tableside with a Bordelaise sauce.

American Prime Beef Tenderloin, Oxtail Pommes Boulangere and Baby Heirloom Carrots two ways.
This was THE dish of the night and the star wasn’t the filet. The filet is a filet is a filet which was great, but the braised oxtail was SO tender and rich and the strong flavor contrasted very well with the mild tasting filet. I’m not sure if I can ever enjoy any other oxtail again.

Carrot bread

With savory courses done, we asked to sample all remaining bread that we hadn’t tried at that point.

Lemon bread

French baguette

Parmesan bread

Orange Sorbet with supremed citrus
Bright, light and refreshing. Perfect palate cleanser.

Coconut 6 ways | straight, tapioca, cake, emulsion, granité, and chip
I’m a fan of coconut so this is a natural winner for me. Much like the soup course, you get coconut in different form but this one was done much more successfully. It’s odd that, even though they’re all coconut, it doesn’t taste one dimensional at all.

Quince and Apple | apple sorbet, roasted apple, quince jam
This is essentially a refined deconstructed apple pie on steroids. I like how the green apple sorbet acts as an acidic element of the dish and counteracts with the sweetness of the roasted apple and jam.

Chocolate Fondant, Crunchy Praline and Chicory Cream
The last course is another deconstruction of classic Ferrero Rocher flavors. I can only say that they did an excellent job in elevating it to new heights in all aspects.

AFTER dessert courses, we were presented with the dessert trolley which consisted of 18 different sweets and confections. AYCE style.

Naturally, we asked to sample everything even though our stomach were close to exploding! I remember them being good to great but I was so full that I probably didn’t give them the proper appreciation they deserved.

Upon leaving the restaurant, the manager presented us with a goodie box filled with 2 coconut cookies.

The meal was truly excellent with only minor flaws sprinkled in. Bread was good in general but not great or magnificent like TFL or JR. Service was great FWIW, which isn’t much, but the restaurant did seem like they needed a few more servers and waiters since our primary server of the night seemed to move unusually fast around the dining room. I even heard him panting quietly at one point even though he maintained his grace and composure throughout the night.

I would tentatively recommend this restaurant. Even though I had a great meal, the cost of this meal is comparable to the top tier SF restaurants which operate at a higher level in terms of service, taste, and creativity. Admittedly, I haven’t tried their more experimental menu, but the cost of that particular menu is close to $400 before tax and tip. However, for those who have plenty of money to spare, of which I don’t, this restaurant would be an excellent place to spend your hard earned cash.

Guy Savoy
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109


Thanks for the feedback! I went a while back, and I could swear they had more servers. The bread service was also par excellence back then, as well. Hope this doesn’t bode badly for a downhill slide at Guy Savoy…

Just curious if you’ve done Twist by Pierre Gagnaire in Vegas?

@J_L My visit was early 2017 so your feedback is probably more recent and relevant than mine! As far as the bread goes, nothing tops TFL or JR for me FWIW. They’re my reference.

I haven’t been to Twist but that’s next on my list when I do visit Vegas again. How about you? Thoughts?

This meal at Guy Savoy was in early 2017? I don’t mean that in a negative way, just that I thought of chestnuts as an autumn/winter thing, not something usually served in summer.

@BradFord I see that my pictures were posted on FB on the first week of January. I typically process my pictures within a week or two before I post them so it could be the last week of December too. So it could potentially be late late winter?

Isn’t “early 2017” winter? Color me confused.

Is that a vintage lens I spy on your Nikon?

@Sgee That’s not actually my camera or lens. I use lowly micro 4/3 that’s 7 years old with a 20mm Panasonic pancake lens. :joy:

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Winter runs from late December to late March. I blame California’s lack of extreme weather for natives not recognizing this. :slight_smile:
Chestnut season is fall through early winter so chestnuts in late December would be right on the money.

Rad report, btw.

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